Just when you think they are dead; they suddenly rose only to take you by surprise. If the Nigerian Labour Congress could see the wrongs in constructing a rail line to connect Nigeria to Niger republic then is a confirmation that the said project is condemnable.


By Editorial Times
There have been several occasions like this that we look out to see reactions and condemnations like this from the Nigerian Labour Congress that we couldn’t find their face. The Nigerian citizens have been on several occasions subjected to horrible conditions and situations on all fronts that the faces of The Nigerian Labour Congress were not shown. Talk about double taxations to hike in fuel price, or increase in VATs. Where do you start mentioning it? Too many to mention…

But just like they say, one can’t be completely bad. An individual could be completely bad but then you still could find one useful thing in the said individual. Somehow you would, though it could take time but certainly, you will find. And so is the case of the Nigerian Labour Congress.

The Nigerian Labour Congress has never at any point in time rise in defense of the Nigerian Citizen who on several occasion have been meted with various ill-treatments from our leaders and various wealth owners as a defensive organization that they ought to have been in a saner clime.

But should I say, at last, they came through in defense of the Nigerian Citizens as they took to not only condemn the construction of rail from Nigeria to link Niger Republic but also referred to the initiative as insulting.

They emphasized that $1.8 which is almost N800bn is a huge amount of money than can do a lot of projects in curtailing the economic hardship in Nigeria. In their words, they said ‘the outbreak of the pandemic has exposed Nigeria to the world: Our Federal Government was begging for ventilators and nose masks’.

There’s more than meet the eyes they say but whatever prompted the Nigerian Labour Congress to openly opposed the Rail line Project between Nigeria and Niger republic has birthed a new hope for the Nigerian citizens who have endured so much worse economic policies in the country.

We are optimistic that the Buhari led administration will revert their contract with the Chinese firm who have been contracted to begin the project any time soon….

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