Senator Olujimi Kicks Against Party Congress, Dismisses Fayose Warnings to Gov. Makinde

The factional leader of the Ekiti State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party Senator Biodun Olujimi has faulted the State party congress conducted by the former Governor of the state Mr. Ayodele Fayose, saying that the congress was conducted without due process.

Senator Olujimi also dismissed the warnings Mr Fayose issued to the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde as an empty threat, describing Governor Makinde as the political leader of the zone.

She made the comment at Omuo Ekiti while donating empowerment items to members of her constituents in the Ekiti South Senatorial District, calling on the party faithfuls to resist the ideology of Mr. Fayose for the growth of the party.

She said that the party will resist a man who contributed to the failure of PDP in Ekiti State and the zone, assuring that they are resolute to rescue the party.

Senator explained that Gov. Makinde was welcome to visit Ekiti State to assist in the party’s reconciliation effort at any time he deemed fit, as a reaction to Fayose warning urging Gov. Makinde to steer clear from the Ekiti State party’s affairs.

“We say unequivocally that governor Makinde is the PDP leader of the zone. Why should the party allow Fayose to conduct the congresses without following due process? We will resist a man who contributed to the failure of our party in Ekiti and the zone. We are resolute to rescue the party.”

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