Senate President Lawan Facilitates the Training of 1000 Youths in GSM Phone Repairs

The President of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Lawan has facilitated the training of 1000 youth in GSM phone repairs, hardware, software and entrepreneurship development.

The programme which is taking place simultaneously in four educational institutions across Yobe State, is a landmark commitment to uplifting the wellbeing of a key part of the nation’s population.

According to the Senate president, the programme is a reminder of the multiple avenues for empowering youths across Nigeria.

“We cannot overstate the fact that youths are a crucial category in the nation’s population. They are full of energy and are hopeful for the future. The future may however not make any meaning to them if their present is not productive.

“It is the reason why we

“will strive to surmount the challenges of limited resources to fend for this population group. This also requires creativity on how to engage them”.

He added that Paying attention to the welfare of the youths and making them a priority takes them away from crime, which is often a result of idleness. Which is what has led to the initiative.

He said that the programme is through the support of the Nigerian Content Development, and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), and the National Information Technology Agency (NITDA), highlighting on the relevance of synergy in governance.

“It is the reason the Senate has been consistent in providing legislative impetus for collaborations amongst government agencies, consistent with the mission to deliver on our mandate. We will continue on this path, for the good of Nigerians”.

He noted that training 1000 youths in Yobe State is not just a milestone, but part of a concerted effort at improving living conditions, calling beneficiaries to be committed, and to complete the training with resounding success.

He also said GSM is an important communication facility that has come to stay. The device is growing in sophistication, just as users are multiplying by the day. This means that a person that is good with repairs will have patronage.

“Patronage is vital for a rewarding entrepreneurship, which is the major reason for the engagement of the 100 youths in Jose training commenced today.

I look forward to the graduation of the participants and wish all of them good luck”

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