Nigerian Army Sponsors Big Budget Movie Production In Enugu Aimed At Depicting Shiites As Terrorists

the Nigerian Army has supported a film shooting in Enugu State pointed toward delineating the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as a psychological militant association.

In the film, mainstream Nollywood entertainer, Pete Edochie, was highlighted in a function with an outfit looking like Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, pioneer of the IMN, who has been in detainment since December 2015.

There are plans to include the film on Netflix, a source told SaharaReporters.

The film creation is essential for a concealment of the December 2015 slaughter of Shiites by Nigerian troopers.

More than 348 individuals were said to have been murdered, with 347 bodies covertly covered by the military in a mass grave.

The episode is considered among the outstanding common freedoms infringement since the re-visitation of vote based system in Nigeria.

El-Zakzaky and his significant other, Zeenat, were captured days after the killings and have been in confinement regardless of various court orders allowing them bail.


I doubt the NA are sponsoring the movie however, I find it repulsive that anyone would make a movie about a serious human rights violations issue such as that massacre of unarmed civilians. Pete Edochie is too long in silly role acting generally, too dumb and sluggish for my liking. I even wonder why anyone considers him a good actor talkless, all the undue attention they give to the insensitive fool. Nollywood is irresponsible and provocative with this depiction, clearly with the acquiescence of the NA at Nigerian authorities yet, were those fools forced to disparage the dead? Everyone should write Netflix and inform them about the serious, unresolved human rights violations the movie glossed over. Pete Edochie is an idiot, a very insensitive moron indeed. How would he feel if anyone depicted Ojukwu as a terrorist and used it as justification for murdering 3million Igbos during the war? I’ve never liked Nollywood’s fetish stupid movies anyway, too scrappy… Inferior!

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