Nigeria, what a country?

Nigeria, what a country?

By Editorial Times

Today, there was a gas explosion in the Lagos community, that claimed many lives. Yesterday, it was a petrol tanker explosion in Lokoja that consumed and roast to death many of our loved ones. Too many disasters already just in a single country, called Nigeria. In several other cities in Nigeria, it is either Boko Haram terrorists, kidnappers, banditry, or armed robbers…too many to mention. And yet the Nigerian government is not bothered about what is happening and why they are happening the way they are happening.

And that brings us to the question, what a country? Just yesterday, President Muhammadu Buhari and his rubber stamp Senators and House of Rep Members anonymously agreed to sell us out yet again like they have always done.

You would wonder what is it that it holds that the President of Nigeria, who borrowed funds from IMF, the Chinese government, and other International Momentary Agencies to fund the national budget sees that made him also took another step further in borrowing to fund what is to be A Pan African Project. Of course, it was apportioned for each country to develop their assigned region in the project but should a country such as Nigeria be a good fit to begin the project even though it couldn’t even boast of connecting at least 6 States out of its 36 States to rail lines to foster economic viability of his people and as a country? It’s such a shame.

This is a country that can’t even boast of good quality roads to ease the sad economic situation of her citizens. The incessant accidents claiming and roasting many people to death on Nigeria major high-ways is mostly as a result of bad roads. It could have been less if the roads were in good condition. Or if we have an alternative transport system.

Imagine what happened in Lokoja that cost many people their lives, just imagine that there were to be an alternative transport system like a rail line or seaports where crude or other inflammable product could be solely transported through. Could they have died like they did? Of course not.

What then is lacking you would ask? Good governance. If it’s not good governance, Lokoja is housing the two most Nigeria major rivers. River Niger and Benue. What then do you need as a state to have a seaport other than land and water and if you are going to include natural resources, Kogi state is a good match, and not even Lagos that houses Nigeria major seaports.

Bottom line; you can’t give what you don’t have. You don’t borrow to carry out a project that is rather uneconomical especially when you can’t even carry out the simple project of connecting the states in your country with rail lines. Yes, I said simple project because if you could go all out to connect with Niger Republic why should it be a big deal to connect states in your country with rail lines?

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