Central Uruan Rejects Political Robbery

Central Uruan rejects political robbery, insists it’s their turn to produce the next AKHA Member.

A popular clan in Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Central Uruan, has called for an immediate end to the age-long exclusion of the clan from holding political offices in the State.

The Clan, in a communique issued after the maiden Pan Central Uruan Stakeholders Meeting, held recently at Unity Hall, Ifiayong Usuk, Uruan, described the culture of wielding key political seats exclusive for Uruan LG to only Northern Uruan, South-South Uruan, and South-East Uruan clans as gravely unfair, unjust and inhumane.

Uruan consists of four clans namely: Central Uruan, Northern Uruan, South-South Uruan, and South-East Uruan.

According to the stakeholders, Central Uruan has been consistently robbed of its chances of producing a State House of Assembly Member, Chapter Chairman, Local Government Chairman, and State Officer of the Party. These offices, they noted are the four key political offices in Uruan LGA.

They said it is quite sad that the running 2019-2023 political calendar is bereft of any representation of the Central Uruan Clan as long as the four key offices in the LGA is considered.

The communique read in part: “The Marginalization of Central Uruan Must Stop Forthwith. It is very sad that in the 2019-2023 political calendar, the four key and available offices in Uruan AKWA IBOM STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY SEAT FOR URUAN STATE CONSTITUENCY, CHAPTER CHAIRMAN, LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMAN, and the STATE OFFICER OF THE PARTY are filled with persons from ONLY 3 of the 4 Clans except for CENTRAL URUAN viz;
AKHA -Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey
-S/East, CHAPTER CHAIRMAN- Hon. Sebastian Nkanga-S/East, STATE OFFICER -Mrs. Meme Akpabio-North, LGA CHAIRMAN -Surv. Iniobong Ekpenyong-South-south.

“It is very unfair that these 4 offices in Uruan which should have
been rightfully ceded to each of the FOUR CLANS IN URUAN
were filled with persons from 3 Clans only leaving Central Uruan

“This act of political marginalization and exclusivity should be
stopped forthwith for the interest of peace, justice, and equity.
Henceforth these four key offices are usually available (AKHA/Chapter
Chairman/LGA Chairman/State Officer) should be equally
distributed to the four Clans/Zones of Uruan.

Making special reference to the State House of Assembly seat, the Stakeholders regretted that despite the fact that Central Uruan Clan has always recorded the highest voting strength in any election in Uruan, it has never had its son or daughter represent Uruan in the House of Assembly since the creation of the State in 1987.

“The surreptitious plan of some of the Northern elites always attempting to disenfranchise Central Uruan and wanting to contest any or all of the positions whenever it is zoned to Central Uruan on the basis of the repugnant North-Central arrangement should be discouraged and stopped forthwith as it is an aberration and

“There is no Clan/Zone known to the laws of Akwa Ibom
State as North Central. It is therefore very wrong for people from Northern Uruan to want to contest the position of AKHA in 2023 in whatever guise,” the communique read.

The Clan demanded that the unanimous decision to allow it to take its turn at the House of Assembly come 2023 should be followed as it was agreed in 2020 at the meeting of stakeholders of Uruan chaired by Rt Hon. Aniekan Bassey.

They also called on Governor Udom Emmanuel to address the unfair imbalances in the designation of political appointments to indigenes of Uruan as Central Uruan has been treated unjustly.

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