Big Brother Season Six Update: The Game has Began

Big Brother Season Six Update: The Game has Began

Big Brother Season Six Update: The Game has Began

Big Brother the “Mind Fvcker” is up to his old tricks again.

They never even begin to see anything because of these HMs. It will get worse… This is an update about the current game going on in the big brother house

It’s right here.
It is BB who has delivered the ABEG Naira for the housemates to utilize to stock up on food and other essentials for the household.

If you’re not familiar with the term “ABEG Naira,” it’s important to note that ABEG is a FinTech business that is a significant sponsor of the BBN program. They’re this season’s biggest sponsor.

Additionally, as part of their sponsorship package, they will support the HMs’ daily household expenses.

Now, Unlike in BBN5, where all of the housemates were entitled to the exact same pocket money (i.e. Abeg Naira), Biggie has added a wrinkle to the system this time around.

He placed 23 envelopes of Abeg Naira on 23 seats, totaling a total of 23 stools.

Due to the fact that the amounts of dollars in each envelope are not equal, the HMs will not all wind up with the same amounts of money; some will have less money and others will have more money.

The mode of selection was random. HMs were required to stand behind the stool they selected, with no knowledge of how much money was contained in the envelope on that stool.

There are now 22 HMS but only 23 envelopes available. The envelope with the number 23 is a wild card.

When Biggy handed over the envelope to the Head of House, he directed the other Housemates to devise a method of selecting who would receive the 23rd envelope.

Biggy speculated that the 23rd envelope contains a large sum of money as well as other goodies in exchange for services.

So the question is, who should be the recipient of this gift? Who is deserving of this honor? The Housemates must come up with a strategy for selecting the lucky HM.

There is a lot of confusion in the house right now.
Some HMs believe that the lucky recipient should be selected through a nomination process. The HMs would choose who they wanted to work with.

Others believe that it should be decided by a game of chance. Put the numbers 1 – 23 in a bag, and whomever picks number 23 gets envelope number 23.

Others believe there should be a broad skill exam, with the winner being determined by who is the most deserved.

After a poll, the “game of chance” alternative was chosen as the winner.
HMs, on the other hand, would not know what was inside their packet until tomorrow evening. They are unable to unlock it and are not even permitted to have a sneak peek inside.

There is a seal on each envelope, and that seal must not be compromised in any way, or the repercussions will be severe.

This coming week is going to be difficult. We are set to have extremely wealthy housemates, as well as middle-class and lower-income housemates. Look up to “Big Brother Season Six Update: The Game has Began”

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