Let Us Be Calming Down

Inasmuch as we want a positive change in our society, we have to do it with all amount of responsibility, sincerity and civility, considering the direction our history will take, when our children will surround us, demanding historical tales from us.

We have to be calming down to plan, to focus, to question our consciousness. Is it a conscious consciousness? Is it an unconscious consciousness? And then we need to listen to the judge of moral soundness and the punisher of immoral “groundness”…our conscience.

We have to think, how we are going to tell the tale, when our descendants, in attendant manner, demand the tale of our stale heroic tale. Are we going to tale a fairy tale? Or a fair tale? Just be calming down and be thinking.

The situation of our country is already in a sorry situation. And the state of our state is in the state of no state. This is in no doubt. We are all hungry for change, the one that will make a difference, and not just a difference, but “differences”.

We all were soon swooned to swift action, and agitation, to groan and moan for the sweet treat which we see in the spoon of the “oversea”. It was understood, though in a naughty mood and mute.

#ENDSARS protest was borned from a thirst for our overdue breast we are denied its taste. Compatriots, in patriotism, truism and unison came, in one accord to accord their voices to chant and rant to the never-would-listen lords.

The world heard us, even when the earth seemed deaf. Factory settings will be restored. All we need to do is to be calming down. Thanks to the advent of social media which help to amplify the voice of the dumb.

But we lost it. We lost the value of our noble course. We allowed the enemies in the cloak of friends and allies to lure us with their guised and preconceived lullabies which lured our emotions and intentions to unguided and unguarded motions.

They recognized our vulnerability and gullibity, and they used them against us. They know our exuberance and enthusiasm for social course. And they incited our excited course to cause a curse. The power of social media was manipulated to intrigue our consciousness to unconsciousness.

Now we have gone from a course to cause a curse. Things have fallen apart. And the centre cannot hold. We have put a knife on the things that should hold us together. We had marred that which we intended to make.

Now that we have known, we have to be grown. We have to be grown and frown at those who manipulated footages to manipulate our emotions, intentions and agitations.

I remember how I felt the day I saw a post from one of our advocates, a barrister from Akwa Ibom State, with a picture, carrying a young lady bathed in blood and covered with bloodstained national flag.

In his post, which he later deleted for obvious reasons, he recounted his ordeal of having to witness young compatriots and close allies shot dead in his very eyes.

The dirge, which he as a lawyer who understands the psychology of young people, garnished with emotionally appealing lyrics to paint the picture of carnage which they claim unleashed by the guns and battens, almost swooned me to action. As a young guy who is still searching (but to no avail) for such beautiful, fresh lady for a partner for life, to watch same being gunned and blood washed to lagoons, I was pained. I felt that she may even have been the life partner I am searching for.

But something told me to be calming down. I calmed down and thought. What if this picture was not real? What if this picture is real, but for dramatic reality? I calmed down.

Little did I know that the picture was not real in the real sense, but for dramatic reality. If I had reacted, who knows, I may have become victim for no just cause. So, young people, you have to be calming down until you know that your calming down has calmed down enough.

Calm down and give peace a chance in the society. Just be #calmingdown.

By TheophilusAkpan

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