Leadership according to Baba Ntan's Formula

Leadership according to Baba Ntan’s Formula

As true as the aphorism that “One cannot not communicate” by Paul Watzlarwick, every human being is naturally wired to vent emotions and thoughts through their words and actions, and it is impossible to live in the human sphere without either talking the talk or doing the act.

Consider the begger by the traffic light who succumbs to tears in nanoseconds to draw pity and favour from a commuter before the green light flashes. He (begger) either gets to “smile” or “utter” thank you in appreciation, if given some dough, no matter its paltriness. In a twist of event, the commuter may just “stare in silence” at the begger. In such scenario, the begger simply takes a “brisk turn” to another passenger once he can decode the language of silence from the former.

Be it tears, smiles, silence, whatsoever, everyone everywhere every time in our dear State, Akwa Ibom, tell so much about themselves or situational condition with their words or actions.

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Sadly, the increasing indifference to pay close attention, observe and read through the words, languages and actions of our fellow brothers and sisters in the State to understand their needs, emotions, yearnings, feelings, thoughts and ideas which sound loud like the sound from a metal gong, is the elephant in the room. Everyone seems to be on his/her tod. The only time we tend to give a damn is when we nurse an interest in someone or another commits suicide or dies.

Dispiriting enough, our leaders, whom we follow in great trust, are at the centre of this problem. While in the developed climes, you find public office holders charting a way forward for the betterment of the living standards of their people, pushing well and hard for an economically vibrant and highly technological system, in ours, a good number of these officers do not care to know if it is well with the common man, let alone drive a change in their hometown. Do they even live in their Local Government Areas to see things for themselves? No! Here, it is normal practice for a public office holder to see a weak-eyed and poor-looking lad or an aged woman with face beaten out of shape due to hunger at his gate return from “God knows where” in his air-conditioned, well-tinted and latest model car without making a stop by self or proxy, to give a listening ear, say a word or attempt to find solutions to their problems.

Developed countries of the world like Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, etcetera, are peopled with homo sapiens who consistently want to lead others, take on the role of thinking for the entire world and proffering economic solutions beyond human comprehension for the world at large. These understanding about its people accounts for the unprecedented human resources development investments, programmes, plans, policies, and strategies rolled out year in, year out by leaders of these nations for its people. Much gains have been recorded by these countries as ripple effects of the top priority placed on its people. Our leaders must take a cue from the developed countries.

It’s the height of insensitivity to have leaders who pay deaf ears to the needs of the people or lack the wherewithal to understand the people and figure out what’s right for the people at the right time.

Notwithstanding the sad situation in our clime, kudos must be lavished on the Member representing Uyo/Uruan/Nsit Atai/Ibesikpo Asutan Federal Constituency, Rt Hon. Michael Enyong alias Baba Ntan for his continuous but unequalled concern for the well-being and progress of indigenes of his constituency and the State at large. It is impossible for Baba Ntan to feign ignorance to the plight of the common man. Poor people describe him as an intelligent detector of their pulse, agony, and needs. He proves to understand the emotions, feelings and language of the people through his peculiar efforts in putting food on the tables of the children, youth, women, men and elderly. The widow, widower, less privileged and physically challenged persons had since known good and happy life, thanks to the generosity of the Federal Lawmaker.

Some public office holders derive great satisfaction in wealth and go headlong into amassing great wealth all through their stay in public office. These ones think less of the poor masses. The situation is, however, very different for Baba Ntan as he counts his riches, representation at the National Assembly and mission in life as great loss if the trio are not maximized for the general good of the people. To better the living standards of the people, the Federal Lawmaker had officially launched a scheme in 2019, where he gives out a whopping one million Naira as business grants to indigenes of the State. Today, over 200 persons have benefited from his poverty alleviation scheme known as “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Even before 2019, he had already raised millionaires through his financial contribution to the growth of businesses owned by the masses. This gesture has now made a good number of people self-reliant, employers and contributors to the economic growth of the State.

The many lives affected by Baba Ntan over the years re-enforces the fact that he distinctly understands the language of hardship and poverty written on the faces of the poor masses. Mr.Anietie Sunday UdoEkong Ukime,from ikot Ebre village in Ibesikpo Asutan makes the long list of indigenes of the state whom Baba Ntan has changed their fortunes by constructing well-equipped houses for them to ensure they’re shaded from the scourging sun and freezy rain.

The human sphere is rocked with many shades of problems. As a forward-thinking and development-oriented leader, Baba Ntan’s decisions have always been triggered by the problems bedeviling the people. He is not a know-nothing in the place of leadership. Thus, to ensure a progressive constituency, the philanthropist has continued to tackle in fierceness the problems bedeviling it by identifying the problems, analyzing it, tracing the root causes and proffering solutions. His current war against poverty in the State is a testament. Over 200 indigenes across the State have benefited from the N1m business grants consistently donated by the lawmaker Again, over 100 have gained Federal Government jobs, thanks to Baba Ntan. Hundreds of youths have also been trained in different vocations and skill. Many students have been sponsored in school. All of these and many more are in a bid to make the people stand on theirs.

Undisputably, in the area of human capital development and enterprise development, Baba Ntan has no contender and these are what’s driving global economy

The sought-after spirits of leadership and progress in the State keeps manifesting through Baba Ntan. We’ve never felt it this way. Hence, if we must move forward as a State come 2023 and beyond as well as have the lives of the masses affected genuinely, Baba Ntan is the solution.

He does not seek help from others to understand or interprete the feelings, emotions, needs and thoughts of people. How he zips through the decoding process and goes ahead to proffer solution to the people’s problems like a bat out of hell is another thing that places him in a different class.

There is no doubt that with his trackrecords, Rt Hon Enyong, if given a chance to steer the affairs of the State come 2023, will equate the State with the developed countries in terms of human capital development, poverty alleviation, people-oriented policies and all.

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