Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello Take His Drama to Church, Says He is a Believer in God Almighty now

Yahaya Bello became Kogi State governor when Late Governor Abubakar Audu died a few minutes or hours to the announcement of the election that paved the way for him to become governor of Kogi State in 2015.

Late Governor Abubakar Audu was the APC governorship aspirant in 2015 and Yahaya Bello was his first runner up in the party primary election. Subsequent to the death of the All Progressive Congress aspirant, led to the passing of the baton to Yahaya Bello who later became the Executive Governor of Kogi State after a controversial court verdict.

Yahaya Bello having won the election on the sweat of another person were thought to be enjoying a divine intervention from God but the conduct and poor governance of the governor made the people of the state to believe that his emergence as governor of the state through the death of former governor Abubakar Audu was rather a bad omen.

Owing to his poor performance in his first term in office, made people believe he was never coming back to contest a second term and that if he chooses to contest for a second term; will lose! But if only it’s up to the people as always in the case of Nigeria electoral system. It is always up to the highest bidders and that was the reason Yahaya Bello found his way back to the seat a second time.

Although it was a tough battle for the governor, considering the several court cases he had to battle through. From winning the State Election Tribunal case was when the PDP (People Democratic Party) governorship aspirant, Engr Musa Wada took to the Appeal Court of Justice to challenge the outcome of the Kogi State Election Tribunal verdict. The governor also won the case at the Appeal Court and people attribute his victory to the fact that he bought the case the same way they thought he did at the Kogi State Election Tribunal.

The PDP governorship aspirant, Engr Musa Wada who was convinced was the authentic winner of the Kogi State 2015 governorship election did not just stop at the Appeal Court. Therefore, he headed on to the Supreme Court to challenge the outcome of the election. Before the Supreme Court gave its final verdict about the election, there was tension in the both camps of PDP and APC. Tension that led to harassment and unjust arrest of some of the supporters of the People Democratic Party candidate. At this point, people already thought the governor was losing the battle.

The Supreme Court did nothing differently as the Court upholds the election that declared Governor Yahaya Bello as the authentic winner of the Kogi State 2019 governorship election.

In furtherance of the celebration as a result of his victory at the supreme court last week Monday, the 31st of August, 2020, Yahaya Bello attended a church service at his home town, Okene in Kogi state today the 6th of September 2020. Even though he’s a Muslim and as well has always been on the other page with religious leaders in the past.

During the Church service, the governor reassured indigenes of the State that governmental issues were finished and that it was now an ideal opportunity to focus completely to convey completely the profits of governance to the indigenes.

Governor Yahaya Bello made this known on Sunday at Christ the King Catholic Church in his Home Country Okene, while going to a unique thanksgiving administration composed in regard to his ongoing triumph at the Apex Court which confirmed his November 2019, gubernatorial election.

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