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How To Hide Facebook Likes

How To Hide Facebook Likes – On Facebook, you have complete control over the sites and comments you enjoy. So, why does Facebook feel compelled to make this information public? Some of your favorite items may be personal or private to you. However, once you like anything, it becomes apparent to everyone who visits that or your website.

If you prefer to keep your tastes to yourself and don’t like to make a big statement, you’re in luck. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid revealing too much of your innermost sentiments. This article will show you how to hide your Facebook likes from everyone but yourself.

Different Types of Likes on Facebook

To begin, you need to be aware that there are several different sorts of Facebook likes. Just a few examples are movies, television, music, books, sports teams, athletes, inspirational people, restaurants, games, activities, interests, sports, food, clothing, websites, and others. The identical event can happen in several places. On a category-by-category basis, you can determine who can view your likes. This means you’ll have to choose whether to hide or show all tastes in a given category.

There is currently no way to hide sites that a specific user has liked. This implies that if you want a football page, it will appear as a sports page, but you can hide your selected team.

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On your timeline, you’ll see likes from both friends and strangers. Of course, you can also hide these, but you’ll have to adopt an all-or-nothing approach to a particular group of people, just like the categories; instead of adjusting who can see what on your timeline, you’ll need to alter who can see what on your timeline.

Hiding your Likes From the Public Eye

To hide your personal Facebook likes, follow these simple steps. Follow these procedures to hide your preferences:

To begin, log in to Facebook using the correct credentials.

Then, click on your profile’s avatar/image in the bar near the top of the page.

Your display name will appear to the right of the Groups icon, along with your avatar/image.

Look for the More drop-down box on the bar just below your cover photo on the profile page.

Click the More drop-down menu and select Likes from the menu.

Scroll down to your “Likes” area and click the Manage option in the far right-hand banner.

A three-dot icon represents the Manage button.

Scroll down to your “Likes” area and click the Manage option in the far right-hand banner.

A category drop-down menu will appear. To the right of each category, a globe with a drop-down arrow appears. For each type you want to make private, click the associated drop-down and select Only me.

Only my icon will be a subdued lock. If you select the Friends option, only your friends will be able to see your likes.

You can choose specific people to share or hide your likes by selecting the Custom option from the list.

After you’ve selected the appropriate level of Privacy for each category, each one should show the corresponding icon. This signifies that it has been correctly configured.

When you’ve finished editing, click the Close button at the bottom who can see your likes and those who can’t.

Your choices in those categories have now been made secret. As previously stated, it is presently not feasible to hide likes for particular pages. On the other hand, having the option to establish numerous constraints for each category is still a great way to safeguard some privacy.

Hiding Your Likes from Specific Groups

Hide your Facebook timeline from entire groups of individuals as another way to keep your likes hidden from the broader public. To do so, take the following steps:

While logged in to Facebook, click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the page.

From the pop-up menu, choose Settings & Privacy, then Settings.

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Select Profile and Tagging from the left-hand menu.

4. You’ll find three options on this page for who can see your timeline, who may tag you, and if you want to review those postings before they go public.

5. To alter “Your Activity,” quit and go to the left-side menu and pick Privacy. This means that all prior and future posts can be hidden from the general public, select friends, or anyone except you.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps Facebook will add more precise privacy controls for likes in the future, allowing you to hide the fact that you enjoy water polo or prefer kittens over dogs. Unfortunately, we’ll have to make do with the tools Facebook has provided until that day comes.

Do you have any Facebook likes-related queries, experiences, thoughts, or methods to share? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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