Employer stripped his Employees naked for 5,000 theft in Nigeria


Employer stripped his Employees naked for 5, 000 theft in

By Editorial Times

It is no longer news on how one former Nigerian Minister
of Education with the name, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi that own Robinson Plaza
Along Warri Deco road, in Delta State, Nigeria, A business Mogul and with
a governorship ambition at sight, allegedly stripped his staffs naked on what
was said to be on the account of 5, 000 naira theft, where the accused staffs refuted
that it was a gift to them by one of the customers.

What stirred up social media is the fact that, the former
minister stripped them naked while he asked his 15-year-old boy to record them
on camera. The former minister went on to cease Bank Debit cards belonging to
those staffs and he withdrew their monies from their various bank account using
those cards he collected from them.

Just when you think the former minister had done so much, he
went further to invite police officers from one Ebrumede police station to
arrest them. And threatens to make life a living hell for them.

People of God,

This is coming from a highly respected citizen who without
a doubt made his fortune illegally from the pollical position he held in the
past, funds probably were stolen while as a minister of education in Nigeria. If you
are wondering why does Nigeria have poor funding in education and the poor
the educational system in Nigeria; you definitely will find this man in the answers
that you will get.

If people like the former minister of education, Olorogun
Kenneth Gbagi did not steal what was meant to equip and put the education
system in Nigeria in good shape, those girls he stripped naked would have had
a good education and probably could have had a better job and the man won’t in the first
place have the opportunity to torture and humiliate them as he did.

The whole thing is like ‘someone who ate your meal, then
goes on to report you that you ate his meal and have you punished for the
offense he did to you’. That is the sad state of the current Nigerian state.

The vast majority of the country’s citizens have no job and
those who managed to get any menial job to managed get treated like slaves in
the hands of their master. Imagine what people are being subjected to in their
land that is full of milk and honey.

This can only come to an end or better said, could only be
stopped until the masses in their number rise up against this oppressive
leaders and wealth owners seeing themselves as a demigod, hence the prevalent injustice
will persist.

The Human Rights Activists, where are you guys?

Ministry of labor and employment seems to be forever
asleep, isn’t it high time you rose in defense of the people you couldn’t employ? So sad…

But then, how long do we have to suffer in the hands of our
leaders as a Nigerian? Will, they ever be an end to what we are suffering from being
a Nigerian. Only God knows when…

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