BBNaija: Barely few hours after the disqualification of Erica, fans raise more than $9,000 for Erica, target $100,000

BBNaija: Barely few hours after the disqualification of Erica, fans raise more than $9,000 for Erica, target $100,000

The popular Nigerian reality TV show had on Sunday Night moved to evict one of its house mates, Erica. As she was said to have broken some big brother house rules despite being the head of the house who ought to have led by example in the big brother house at the time of her disqualification.

Erica Ngozi Nlewedim, was a housemate (contestant) in the Big Brother Naija Season 5, and was disqualified from the reality show after breaking some of the house rules.

A few minutes after her disqualification. Her fans, known as Elites, decided to start a fundraising campaign for her on a popular platform, GoFundMe and it wasn’t long before the launch of the campaign, more than $9,000 has been raised. Whereas, the organizers were targeting $100,000 to support Erica’s dream as her journey was short-lived in the Big brother house.

Meanwhile, different reactions have continued to trail Erica’s disqualification and the launched GoFundMe campaign.

Firstly, Erica’s fans were not happy that she was disqualified and they go on and on to pour out their anger via a series of derogatory comments challenging why big brother would have to evict their dear Erica. On the other hand, people were not happy that youths, in what many called misplacement of priorities have embarked on a blind quest of trying to raise fund for Erica who could be better than most of them raising funds for her and instead challenged the youths to raise funds to avert electricity defunct state in Nigeria or better still raise funds to help people who are really in need like those on the sick bed and so on..

Well, if you ask me, I will say the youths have gone out of their minds. Erica; according to Africa Magic, the host of the big brother Naija reality show goes by the name, Ngozi Erica “Nlewedim” (26yrs) is an actress and commercial model from London, England.

Erica returned to Lagos after studying screen acting at the Met Film School in London. Erica, after graduating from film school in London, has also produced her short film along with her team in Birmingham and has also featured in the movie, Hire a Woman. She doesn’t need to raise money to overcome the disappointment of her disqualification. It’s a misplaced of priorities as many claimed it to be.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s only our leaders that is our problem in this country. With the conduct of the youths, you will agree with me that the youths are not in any way different from our leaders.

Often time, we complain about bad leaders and when the election time approaches you will discover no one makes the constant noise about our leaders anymore because its either they have been bought over by the very bad leaders they once complained about or they have chosen to adopt ethnicity or religious sentiments in their judgement and thereby compromises leadership positions again.

Really, it’s difficult being a Nigerian. My sorry state about the great Nigerian nation.

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