Municipalities in Cape Verde

Cape Verde has 22 municipalities, and here’s the complete list:

Municipalities (Regions) in Cape Verde

  1. Boa Vista
  2. Brava
  3. Maio
  4. Mosteiros
  5. Paul
  6. Praia
  7. Ribeira Brava
  8. Ribeira Grande
  9. Sal
  10. Santa Catarina
  11. Santa Cruz
  12. São Domingos
  13. São Filipe
  14. São Lourenço dos Órgãos
  15. São Miguel
  16. São Salvador do Mundo
  17. São Vicente
  18. Tarrafal
  19. Tarrafal de São Nicolau
  20. São Domingos do Sul
  21. São Lourenço do Sul
  22. São Salvador do Sul
Cape Verde
Cape Verde


Quick Facts

Category Quick Facts
Location Island country in the central Atlantic Ocean
Capital Praia
Official Language Portuguese
Population Approximately 543,000 as of 2021 estimate
Area Approximately 4,033 square kilometers (1,557 square miles)
Geography Volcanic islands with a tropical climate
Independence From Portugal on July 5, 1975
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
Currency Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)
Notable Places Mount Fogo, Sal Rei, Cidade Velha (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Notable People Cesária Évora (singer), Pedro Pires (former President), Mito Koomen (writer), Manú Lima (musician)
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Which is the best area of Cape Verde?

These are some popular areas that are often recommended for visitors include:

  1. Sal: Known for its crystal-clear azure waters and golden sand beaches, Sal is one of the most popular islands in Cape Verde. It offers a range of resorts, water sports activities, and a vibrant nightlife scene.
  2. Boa Vista: Another popular island, Boa Vista also boasts beautiful beaches and is known for its stunning sand dunes. It offers a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere compared to Sal.
  3. Santiago: As the largest island in Cape Verde, Santiago offers a mix of cultural experiences, historical sites, and natural beauty. It is home to the capital city of Praia and offers a diverse range of attractions.
  4. Sao Vicente: Known for its vibrant music scene and cultural festivals, Sao Vicente, particularly the city of Mindelo, is often recommended for those seeking a lively and artistic atmosphere.
  5. Fogo: Fogo is a volcanic island known for its scenic landscapes, including the active volcano Pico do Fogo. It offers opportunities for hiking and exploring unique natural formations.

What are the divisions of Cape Verde?

  • Cape Verde is divided into 22 municipalities. These municipalities are further divided into parishes.

What are the 10 islands of Cape Verde?

The archipelago of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands. The following are the 10 islands of Cape Verde:

  • Santo Antão
  • São Vicente
  • Santa Luzia
  • São Nicolau
  • Sal
  • Boa Vista
  • Maio
  • Santiago
  • Fogo
  • Brava

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