Matthew Gilmour: Early Life, Service, Net Worth

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Matthew Gilmour is the youngest of five siblings. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on the 21st of December, 1991. He is a citizen of both the United Kingdom and Scotland. He was a missionary and he his also an advocate against sexual crimes along sides his wife Elizabeth Smart. In this article, we will be diving into the life and career of Matthew Gilmour so come along!

 Early Life and Family Background

Matthew’s early life is shrouded in mystery, however it is assumed that he attended the same school where both his parents taught. Kyle Gilmour, Bethany Gilmour, Chloé Gilmour, and Ashlea Gilmour are his four siblings.  Stewart and Kay, his parents, were devout members of the Mormon faith, also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They brought up their kids in a strict Mormon household. Until his death in 2008, his father was the vice headmaster of St. Machar Academy in Aberdeen. Kay, his mother, was the music director of St. Machar Academy.

Matthew Gilmour

The Gilmours attend the LDS church on North Anderson Drive in Aberdeen with great devotion. They had five kids total, and they all got a “Mormon” education. Very little information is available about his early life, education, or childhood. It is common knowledge, however, that Matthew Gilmour is a dual citizen of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Meeting Elizabeth Smart & Matthew Gilmour’s Missionary Service

Elizabeth Smart, Gilmour’s renowned wife, and he have a lot in common. Both of Smart’s parents were active in the Latter-day Saint church. She and her five siblings all had a strong Mormon upbringing.

In Salt Lake City, where Smart lives, she went to Bryant Middle School and then East High School. She continued her education with a Bachelor of Music in harp performance from Brigham Young University.

Gilmour served as a Missionary for the Paris LDS congregation before tying the knot with Smart in 2012. Gilmour’s employment history prior to the assignment remains unclear. Even while it is obvious that he and his wife no longer reside in Paris, where they both worked for the mission organization before they got married, too little is known about his current work. Gilmour apparently formed the group “Elder Matthew Gilmour Mission,” for which he manages the Facebook page. He has been engaged in mission work for almost six years, but has yet to provide specifics.

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Matthew and Elizabeth’s Advocacy Efforts

Elizabeth is an activist and advocate for victims of abuse and trafficking, and he continues to back her efforts. There’s also the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which he helps fund. Since its inception in 2011, this group has worked to raise awareness among youth about violent and sexual crimes committed against them online via the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force.

Net worth and Lifestyle

Neither Gilmour’s income nor his wealth have been publicly disclosed. But he and his wife can afford to live in relative luxury. Her advocacy, articles for ABC News, and support for anti-abuse legislation and related initiatives no doubt bring in thousands of dollars every year for the pair. The couple’s wife has a fortune of $1.7 million.

What exactly Matthew Gilmour does at the time is unclear. However, he is fully behind his activist wife.


In conclusion, Matthew Gilmour’s life has been influenced by his commitment to changing the world, his family, and his faith. Throughout his life, from his upbringing in a devout Mormon home to his mission work and collaboration with his wife, Elizabeth Smart, he has remained committed to his beliefs and helping those who are victims of abuse and trafficking.

While information about Matthew’s professional and personal pursuits may be hard to come by, it is clear that he supports his wife’s advocacy work wholeheartedly. Together, they work to raise awareness of the problems associated with child abuse on the internet and to create a more secure and kind world for all.

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