The Facebook Marketplace: How to Sell and Buy

The Facebook Marketplace: How to Sell and Buy

The Facebook Marketplace: How to Sell and Buy – Less than a decade ago, purchasing things on Facebook may have appeared strange. Why else would eBay and Craigslist exist? Shoppers and sellers alike found Facebook Marketplace to be a realistic choice after its launch in 2016.

In a way, Facebook’s move into online shopping was timely. Buy-and-sell clubs were already being formed on the platform. Facebook has finally made it official.

In the Facebook Marketplace, you may buy and sell inside your own community. Businesses based in the United States have access to the entire continental United States to sell their goods.

Vendors and buyers can build public profiles and reviews on Facebook Marketplace, which is different from Craigslist. Both parties benefit from the ratings, which are displayed on the Facebook app for Android and iOS.

Facebook Messenger can be used to communicate with potential customers. If you’d prefer to use another payment method such as cash or PayPal, you can do so.

Any type of item can be sold on Facebook Marketplace, whether it is new or used, and it doesn’t matter what it is. It is possible to rent out your own home!

For anyone looking to start a prosperous online selling business, joining Facebook for free and not paying any seller fees makes it a fantastic platform for success.

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How do I sell things on Facebook Marketplace?

A listing is an initial stage in the selling process. On iOS, here’s how:

By selecting Facebook Marketplace from the main menu, you may navigate to the Sell button at the top of the Marketplace menu.

Your choice will be between four listing types: Things, Automobiles, Real Estate for Sale/Rent, and Jobs

Next, include a photo of the product as well as the product’s title, price, category, condition, location, and description. A no-contact pickup is available if you do not want to communicate with the buyer.

To publish your listing, click Next and then Publish after you’ve supplied all of the necessary information. Everyone will be able to see it, both on and off of the social network. Your Facebook pals can be kept in the dark if you so want.)

Facebook Marketplace categories

Below is a list of what is allowed and forbidden in each of the categories listed.


Items must be physical and tangibly present to qualify for inclusion.

Categories such as clothing and accessories, technology, entertainment, and family-oriented hobbies as well as discounts have been allowed.

A suitably priced Nintendo Wii is nearly certain to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Also applicable to common household items such as televisions, sofas & chairs, tables, bookshelves & baby equipment

It is banned on Facebook Marketplace to sell or offer for sale: weapons and ammunition; animals; narcotics; cigarettes; dietary supplements; adult products and services; genuine or fraudulent currencies; healthcare items; goods with before-and-after photos; and recalled products


As a result, buying and selling old autos on Facebook Marketplace is stupidly simple.

My wife ended up with an off-road-ready old Toyota pickup. Saturday morning, he found the automobile on Facebook Marketplace. After doing some research and negotiating with the seller, he purchased the vehicle. Since then, he’s been smitten.

To determine the value of your vehicle and what similar vehicles are selling for, consult NADAguides and Kelley Blue Book before advertising your vehicle.

If you’re selling a car for a specific purpose or because of a problem, including the vehicle’s year, make, model, and kilometers in your listing. It is unlikely that this will dissuade buyers. Most used cars indeed have some sort of defect in them. It is better to be upfront about the situation than to keep it a secret, which could lead to a later angry consumer.

Mention whether or not you’ve kept detailed records of the car’s upkeep in your response to the question. It enhances the legitimacy of your listing.

Homes for sale or rent

Rooms and houses for rent can be advertised on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a great place to advertise a vacation property. A few people have even listed their properties for sale on the internet.

Your list should include the following details:

  • Address
  • Photos of the property
  • Rental rate or purchase price
  • Date and length of time available
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Pets/smoking policy
  • Parking and yard information
  • Square footage.

Facebook Messenger is a great way to connect with potential candidates. To vet them, we check their references and rental applications.

You must still sell or rent your property legally, even if Facebook Marketplace expands the pool of potential tenants or buyers for you.

The pros and cons of selling on Facebook Marketplace

Just like any other e-commerce platform, selling on Facebook has its perks and limitations.

The pros

  • Extended reach. Facebook has 2.4 billion active users at the moment. 75 percent of them use Facebook daily. You’re likely to find a deluge of Facebook users in your area, as well as clients from across the country that are interested in your products.
  • Smart algorithms. Thanks to Facebook’s clever algorithms, your listings will be seen by people in your area. Your listing’s visibility can also be increased by sharing your listing with Facebook groups and other sites that are linked/partnered with Facebook.
  • Strong customer base. Your brand’s reputation will improve as a result of being able to engage with buyers via Facebook Messenger and have them view your public Facebook page.
  • Quick and easy listing process. The better your listing looks, the more likely it is to sell. Buyers can browse your listing’s photos by uploading and classifying up to ten at a time.
  • Convenient shipping. Who pays for shipping is entirely up to you. On the site, purchasers can easily create and print shipping labels. At the time of payment, the shipping fee is deducted from the transaction price.
  • Secure transaction. Paycheck Protection Rules safeguard buyers when you sell as a merchant through Facebook Marketplace’s checkout mechanism. This improves client confidence.

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The cons

  • Facebook account required to ship. The lack of an account isn’t always a drawback, but it’s worth noting if you don’t want to create one.
  • Limitations on volume sales. Sell multiples of the same item, but create different listings for each one that sells, according to eBay’s guidelines. Even if you’re posting from a business page, you’re allowed to sell large quantities of an item.
  • Sparse notifications. If you want to receive phone calls, Facebook will send you updates via email.
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