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Facebook launches Marketplace in Nigeria

Facebook launches Marketplace in Nigeria – A market, sometimes known as a marketplace, is a place where people meet on a daily basis to buy and sell food, cattle, and other items. A market place is known by various names around the world: souk (Arabic), bazaar (Persian), fixed mercado (Spanish), itinerant tianguis (Mexico), and palengke (Chinese) (Philippines). Some markets operate on a daily basis and are known as permanent markets, whilst others operate once a week or on less often defined days, such as festival days, and are known as periodic markets.

The population, culture, environment, and geographic factors of a market determine its shape. The term market refers to a variety of trading venues such as market squares, market halls, and food halls, as well as their various variations. As a result, marketplaces can be found both outside and indoors, as well as online in today’s globe.

Markets have been around for as long as humans have traded. Bazaars are thought to have started in Persia, from which they expanded throughout the Middle East and Europe. From circa 3,000 BCE, zoning rules confined trading to specific portions of cities, creating the conditions for the creation of a bazaar, according to documentary sources. Bazaars in the Middle East were typically long strips with stalls on either side and a covered canopy to shield sellers and buyers from the scorching sun.

From the 12th century onwards, Europe’s informal, unregulated markets gave way to a system of formal, chartered markets. Increased regulation of marketplace processes, particularly weights and measures, gave customers trust in the quality of market items and the fairness of prices during the Medieval period. Markets have evolved in various ways around the world, depending on local environmental factors such as weather, custom, and culture. To shield sellers and shoppers from the sun, marketplaces in the Middle East are usually covered. Markets are frequently held outside in cooler climates. A system of morning markets for fresh produce and night markets for non-perishables is popular in Asia.

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Through e-commerce or matching platforms, markets can now be accessed electronically or through the internet.

Shopping at a neighborhood market is a common occurrence in many nations. Given the market’s importance in securing a population’s food supply, markets are frequently heavily regulated by a central authority. Designated market places have become recognized historic and architectural sites in many areas, and they are now part of a town’s or country’s cultural assets. As a result of these factors, they are frequently visited by tourists.

Facebook launches Marketplace in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Facebook has launched Marketplace. In 2016, Facebook launched Marketplace as a platform for users to buy and sell new and used things to other users.

Instead of buying and selling through user-created Facebook groups, users could advertise their product on the Marketplace and connect directly with potential buyers in their area.

Until this week, this service was not available in Nigeria. Even though more individuals use Facebook in Nigeria than in other African countries, the marketplace was previously available in several African countries.

USERS can start utilizing MARKETPLACE by tapping on the Marketplace button or going to www.facebook.com/marketplace to browse and search for things, sorting by distance or category.

“The launch of Marketplace in Nigeria further underscores our continuous efforts in helping to improve buying and selling in Nigeria and connecting communities,” said Adaora Ikenze, Facebook’s head of public policy for Anglophone, West Africa.

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The launch of Facebook Marketplace in Nigeria will give individuals with a convenient destination where they can buy and sell anything from the comfort of their homes as the effects of the pandemic continue to impact lives and businesses.

Users can begin by listing an item and then creating a public listing group that will display in people’s Newsfeeds, Facebook searches, marketplaces, and Facebook groups.

The Community Standards, as well as the Commerce Policies, must be followed while selling things on Facebook. All applicable laws and regulations must be followed by both sellers and merchants.

Buyers should also verify the item before finalizing shipping arrangements, according to Facebook. Meetings should take place in public settings to ensure safety.

For tips on how to use the Facebook marketplace, visit editorialtimes.com

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