How to Increase Your Blog Subscription

How to Get More People to Subscribe to Your Blog

How to Get More People to Subscribe to Your Blog – Subscribers are more likely to keep visiting your website. It makes it easy for you to use them for business purposes. Should you want more blog visits or you are trying to use them for affiliate marketing, you should try to build your subscribers.

You only need their email address with the consent that you can send them emails. Every time there is something new that they might find interesting, you will send it to them. You can get those subscribers to receive newsletters and later use them for lead nurturing.

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The problem is, people are very conscious about the emails they receive. After all, we can’t ignore the spam mails and online frauds these days. So bloggers have to be cautious, or they will fall victim to online spam. In addition to that, no one wants to be disturbed repeatedly and look for valuable emails.

This is why you have to be very smart when trying to build subscribers. Here are a few tips to help you increase the number of subscribers.

Invest in high-quality guest posting.

Guest posting is one of the most effective content marketing strategies for increasing brand awareness and website traffic while also aiding SEO. In addition, you may get readers to subscribe to your site right from the guest post if you work clever.

Although many sites do not allow guest authors to include a subscribe button, you can still use it to grow your email list. Make sure what you write in the post is well-thought-out and aims to get readers to visit your website.

Include a contextual link and a bio section for the author. They will know who you are and what you have to give if you do it this way. Then, when they click the link to visit your website, they will already be well-informed. Then, on the landing page, you’ll have another opportunity to persuade them to subscribe.

Rather than devoting all of your time and efforts to identifying bloggers and writing these posts yourself, hire a professional guest blogging agency. Outsourcing will save you money while also ensuring that the campaign is done on schedule and with the desired outcomes.

Make sure the Subscription Button is visible.

If the visitor can’t see the button, you’re unlikely to gain any subscriptions. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed how many people continue to make this error. You must grasp how the human mind works in order to put items in such a way that they would attract attention.

It is not required that you place it at the top of the page. The idea is to arrange the subscribe button in a location where it will most likely be clicked. Before and after the button, you should know what content to deliver.

Check to see whether it’s hidden at the top or bottom of the page. It should neither be so large that they feel compelled to subscribe nor should it be so small that it is overlooked. To comprehend white spaces on the website, seek the assistance of a professional designer.

Increase the number of landing pages

If you want more subscriptions, you’ll need more visits. It would help if you constructed more landing pages to attract more people.

Every landing page includes a set of keywords that you haven’t previously utilized. You will be able to reach a broader audience as a result of this. Ranking for good keywords is never easy, but you must keep trying and working intelligently. Choose keywords that will help you rank higher and gain more traffic.

You don’t need high rankings to boost overall domain authority if you’re looking to grow your subscriber base. Instead, you require more traffic, which you should consider when selecting keywords.


Tell them why they should subscribe

If you want people to subscribe, you should provide them with something of value. Even if you manage to persuade them to subscribe by stating anything deceptive or using aggressive marketing tactics, they are unlikely to return.

You’ll want to subscribe, so they’ll keep coming back. To do so, you need clearly explain why people should subscribe. Instead of attempting to fool people, be honest with them.

If you believe they would not subscribe if you are honest with them, you must alter your technique to attract repeat visitors. Would you please make sure you have something beneficial to offer them? If you don’t keep them interested, they’ll unsubscribe right away.

Consider Clever CTAs.

A call to action instructs readers on what they should do next. It means you must first alert them before proceeding to the next stage.

CTAs such as “subscribe now” and “sign up” are the most common, but they are so overused that they are ignored. It is because they’ve been read far too many times for internet users to notice them.

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You must be astute and come up with something unique. So they don’t have to scroll again; place it close to or on the subscribe button. Would you please make an effort to comprehend their thoughts and pain spots? If you have managed to engage them through your content on the landing page, using the appropriate pain point will most likely encourage them to subscribe.

Make Use of Other Blog Posts

You don’t have to stick to landing pages alone. Subscribe buttons can also be added to other pages, such as blogs.

All you have to do now is set the button in the appropriate location and use the proper call to action.

Depending on the blog’s content, you may need to include an additional paragraph to explain why readers should subscribe.

Create a competition or a contest.

Consider launching a competition or contest that your target audience will like. Ensure the winner receives a prize and strive to provide something appealing that is worth their time.

A contest will help them remember your brand and what you have to offer. They must subscribe to enter the competition, and they will receive newsletters about this and future sweepstakes, and other pertinent information.

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