Liver King’s Wife: Who is Liver King’s Wife? Liver Queen?

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Liver King’s WifeDr. Barbara Johnson, is in a committed relationship with bodybuilder, social media star, and American businessman Liver King. Stryker and Rod Johnson were raised by parents who fondly called their sons “Savage Liver Boys.” Rod and Stryker Johnson, the two eldest, entered the world in 2009 and 2007, respectively. Their company, River Oaks Dental Care Center, is named after her.

Liver King’s Wife

Liver King’s Wife Biography

Warsaw, Poland, is the city where Barbara Johnson first saw the light of the day. She was raised in the United States despite having been born in Poland. She was born between 1979 and 1983, making her age range between 39 and 44. She’s an extremely intelligent woman with a degree from a top private university in Austin, Texas. The experience inspired her to attend dental school and begin her professional dental career. She is 1.65 m (5 feet) tall and weighs 65 kg.

Barbara Johnson, the wife of bodybuilder Brian “The Live King” Johnson, has earned the nickname “The Liver King’s Wife” because she shares her husband’s diet of raw beef liver to stay in shape. Brian Johnson will turn 46 in the year 2023. His birthday is April 7th, so he turned out to be a Texan. 

He was born under the sign of Aries. To further his education, he attended Texas Tech University (TTU) after finishing high school at John Marshall in Leon Valley, Texas. Brian Johnson said that he was severely bullied all through school because of his small stature. He complained that the bullies wouldn’t stop beating him up and taking his sneakers.

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Liver King Biography

Influencer and 45-year-old nutritional supplement company entrepreneur Brian Johnson is known as “The Liver King.” Brian wasn’t always the muscular young man he appears to be today. He believed that his father’s untimely demise was a contributing factor to his disadvantaged upbringing.

After that, Brian moved to San Antonio to be closer to his mom. At school, he was the target of several acts of aggression and defamation. A bully hit Brian across the face with a loogie while he was in the sixth grade. Brian still had a good attitude the following day, even though his brand-new, expensive sneakers had been stolen from his locker while he was in class. His height is 57, and he weighs 80kg. His body measurements are: Chest is 52″, Waist is 34″, biceps are 18 

Liver King’s annual income

His annual income is over $250,000, and his net worth is increasing.

Assets/ Properties

Brian Johnson resides in a mansion that spans 8,300 square feet In Austin, Texas.

Who Is Liver King Wife

How Liver King And Barbara Johnson Met

It was in 2004 that Barbara Johnson and her husband first met and fell in love. After dating for a few years, they finally tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony. 

Liver Queen’s Instagram Profile

 Live Qeen is also a social media influencer who posts glimpses of her exciting life on Instagram, where she has over 95,300 followers as of June 2023

Net Worth

Barbara Johnson is valued at 1.5 million dollars. Her work is her source of income. Even though Liver King is a millionaire

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