Things You Have to Do on South Beach

Things You Have to Do on South Beach – There are vacations and then there are trips that you enjoy with your friends or romantic partner. A trip to Miami is best described as the latter. We’re not saying Miami isn’t a good place for a family vacation; it certainly is—but it’s also known as an adult playground. Sure, some parts of the country remain under lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead.

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Furthermore, Miami recently reopened its nightlife scene, so depending on your COVID beliefs and concerns, it may be an option. It’s best to be prepared in any case so that when you arrive in this tropical-ish locale, you know exactly where to go!

  1. Wet Willies

If you don’t have a “Call a Cab” from Wet Willies, you can’t claim to have truly experienced South Beach. This is one of those bars on Ocean Drive where everyone goes at least once a day, if not multiple times, due to its popularity. They have a wide variety of tasty slushy drinks with high alcohol content, which is why you’ll need to call a cab. There are 16 different frozen slushy drinks to choose from, with “Call a Cab” and “Attitude Adjustment” being the most powerful.


Wet Willies offers a full menu, including some tasty appetizers. This is by far the most popular tourist destination on South Beach, but due to COVID’s closing at 11 p.m. EST, the hours have been adjusted.

2. Visit the Versace Mansion and take some photos

The Versace Mansion is situated between 11th and 12th street on Ocean Drive. The Villa Casa Casuarina Resort, on the other hand, is already open, and you can even stay there for around $500 per night. It’s one of Florida’s most stunning architectural designs, with each room meticulously painted. The entire house, which is now a hotel, has a total area of 23,000 square feet of luxury living space. It’s another one of those places where people stop and take photographs because of its fame and beauty.

3. Pay a visit to Miami Beach’s La Sandwicherie.

It’s time to dine after a few cocktails at Wet Willies and a few photographs in front of the Versace Mansion. Sure, you could get one of those posh platters from Ocean Drive—or you could have one of the most delectable deli sandwiches from La Sanwicherie Miami Beach.

Since 1988, they’ve been making these delicious, one-of-a-kind sandwiches and have many locations throughout Miami. However, you must go to the original site on 14th Street in South Beach to get a taste of the real thing. It’s a little sandwich store tucked between a gas station and an alley, but the cuisine speaks for itself. Oh, plus it’s not too costly, so it won’t break the bank like everything else in Miami!

4. Go for a walk down Espanola Way.

Tourists and locals alike go to this area to buy and have a good time with the local entertainers you’ll come across as you walk along Espanola Way. This is a wonderful strip of stores, restaurants, and other amenities. There are even a few CBD shops nearby that are in high demand. This has lots to do with CBD gummies being wildly popular in Miami because they work wonders for hangovers.

If you know about CBD gummies and love them already, CBDfx makes a tasty gummy made with only nine ingredients! This is a huge deal because it’s such a task to locate gummies with all-natural ingredients. But it’s all worth the hassle because they’re a tasty way to stay on top of health and wellness—and hangovers too! This is all made possible because they provide therapeutic benefits thanks to the interaction between the cannabinoids and endocannabinoids system.

If you’re feeling up for a trip and want to experience Miami to the fullest, make sure you do these three things. It’s not the ideal time to travel, but flights and rooms are quite affordable at the moment. Still, even if you decide to go later, you have a good starting point!

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