How to See All Matches on Facebook Dating

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How to See All Matches on Facebook Dating – Dating on Facebook is a fresh innovation of the Facebook application. Among other things, it offers users abundant opportunities to make new relationships.

Making use of the Facebook dating application requires that users first create profiles. With that, users have access to finding love and matching dates. 

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The application further accords users a chance(s) to chat with new friends and even plan dates. Through this application also, users share information and like.

However, many users need help with seeing their matches on the app. Where this happens, the users have a series of disappointing experiences. 

Many users are caught in this web. For them, the dating site becomes a bitter experience. This article is a way out for users in this category. It aims at guiding users to see matches on their Facebook Dating. 

Below are steps to fix the problem(s) and have a new experience.

Solution 1: Run an update of your Facebook app

Using an older version could pose a problem; the best fix is updating to the latest available version. To update, go to Google Play or App Store based on your device, go to the Updates page and select the Update All button, or alternatively, go to Facebook specifically and tap on the update icon to run the update.

Solution 2: Review the internet connectivity of your device

It is pertinent to check your connection, either your data plan or the Wi-Fi network connection, as issues with the internet connection could disrupt the app’s functionality. Matters of this kind can affect some app features, so it is pertinent to determine if the connection is a problem.

Solution 3: Allow the App to send Notifications

It is necessary to turn on the notification button to receive notifications from the app. To do this:

  • Open the Facebook app and go to settings and privacy.
  • Select settings on the drop-down box.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Make the necessary selections in preference to the notifications from Facebook Dating. 

Solution 4: Clearing Cache on Mobile Device(s)

Mobile devices can save information from apps to function effectively. In some cases, this saved information or files become corrupt and threaten the app’s functioning. The best way to handle this is to clear the cache to allow the app to function appropriately.

Solution 5: Device Reboot

Rebooting a device allows apps to fix some background actions necessary for smooth performance automatically. This is an effective way of fixing everyday problems.

Solution 6: Uninstallation and Reinstallation

To tackle issues with the app’s compatibility, uninstall and then reinstall the app. This is also a potent way to get the most recent and updated version. 


Adopting the steps above guarantees the opportunity to see matches on Facebook Dating. They are simple. They are applicable without a third party. Feel free to visit this site for new insights on solving related issues.


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