How to Contact Facebook Marketplace Support for Help

Facebook Marketplace is popular for buying and selling things locally. But, you might have problems using it. Contacting Facebook support can be tough, so be patient.

Here’s how to reach Facebook Marketplace support and solve problems.

Quick Answer: The main way to contact Facebook Marketplace support is through Business Manager Live Chat. There’s no other direct way. But, you can try these steps to maybe fix your issue.

Facebook Help Center

  • Go here first for problems or questions. Click the question mark at the top-right of the Marketplace page. Choose “Help Center.” It has lots of info and answers.

Meta Business Manager Live Chat Support

Use this if you have a Business Facebook page and a Business Manager account. Here’s how:

  • Log into Meta Business Manager. Use your Facebook account or create a new one.
  • Go to Meta Business Help Center. Click “Get Started,” then “Contact Advertising Support.”
  • Choose your Facebook page.
  • Start Live Chat. Enter your details and start. You can add screenshots. Then, click “Start Chat.”

Contacting Facebook Support by Phone? Facebook doesn’t offer phone support.

How to report an item on Facebook marketplace Without customer support help

Report a product on Facebook Marketplace (Screenshot)
Report a product on Facebook Marketplace (Screenshot)


Facebook Marketplace is good for local buying and selling. But, getting help from Facebook can be hard. We hope these steps help you reach Facebook support and solve your issue.


How to Contact Facebook Marketplace Support for Help [FAQs]

How Can I Contact Facebook Marketplace Support?

To contact support, go to your Facebook account and visit the Help Center. Look for the ‘Contact Support’ option. This may include forms or chat support.

Is There a Phone Number for Facebook Marketplace Support?

Facebook does not offer a direct phone support for Marketplace issues. Use the Help Center on the Facebook website or app for assistance.

Can I Get Help with a Marketplace Issue via Email?

Facebook does not typically provide support through email for Marketplace. Use the provided options in the Help Center on the Facebook platform.

What Kind of Help Can I Get from Facebook Marketplace Support?

Support can help with listing issues, account problems, reporting scams, or transaction disputes. They provide guidance on using Marketplace safely and effectively.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Response from Marketplace Support?

Response times can vary. Generally, you can expect a response within a few days. Urgent issues may be addressed sooner.

Can I Contact Marketplace Support for Issues with a Buyer or Seller?

Yes, you can report issues with a buyer or seller directly through the Marketplace interface. Support can help mediate or advise on the situation.

Is There a Live Chat Option for Marketplace Support?

Facebook occasionally offers live chat support for specific issues. Check the Help Center for availability.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Find an Answer in the Help Center?

If the Help Center does not resolve your issue, look for the option to submit a detailed query or report. This allows you to explain your issue for personalized support.

Can Facebook Marketplace Support Help with Refunds?

Marketplace support can guide you on refund policies, but transactions are usually between buyer and seller. They do not directly handle refunds.

How Can I Ensure a Quick Response from Marketplace Support?

Provide clear, detailed information about your issue. Include relevant screenshots or documentation. This can help speed up the support process.

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