The Importance of Immunization Against Childhood Diseases

Without much ado, a definition of immunization is enough to drive home its importance in my locality or any other place.


By definition; Immunization is referred to an act of preventing childhood diseases such as whooping cough, chickenpox, smallpox, diphtheria, poliomyelitis, and yellow fever by giving a chemical substance which has the causative organize of the infection to reduce virulent state. It can either be given by injection or through the mouth.


These diseases can cause hospitalization, serious ongoing health conditions such as cancer, brain damage, and deafness and are sometimes fatal.


High immunization rates in the community have led to many of these diseases becoming rare immunization is a simple and effective way of protecting children from serious diseases. It does not only protect individuals, but it also protects the broader community by minimizing the spread of disease. Vaccines work by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. The importance of immunization is enormous.


Below is the importance of immunization:


1.    It has reduced the mortality rate among children. About two decades ago, many children died because they were not immunized from these deadly childhood diseases. Parents then attributed the death of their children to natural phenomena such as witches and wizards attacks on their wards and so many superstitious beliefs. Now, due to this program and public enlightenment given to it, many parents heeded to the call and immunized their children against these childhood diseases and the result is that children are now living healthy and alive.


2.    Vaccinated children grow up into healthy adults. Their growth is not impaired or stunted by measles or any of those debilitating diseases. Some of the diseases are capable of impairing the mental faculties of children. Immunization stops all diseases that can affect the physical and mental growth of children.


3.    Immunization gives the society the assurance that its young ones will soon grow up to replenish the labour forces with old age. A society whose young population is seriously threatened by widespread unchecked killer diseases is doomed for so many reasons.


4.    Mothers now have the sigh of relief due to surviving rate of their children. They no longer pass through the agonizing experiences of taking their children to herbalist who will ask them to pay a huge sum of money before treating them. Since immunization is free, they walk into the hospitals and sometimes wait at home for the medical workers to immunize their children.


5.    Immunization not only protects children against deadly diseases but also helps in developing children’s immune system.


6.    Through the use of immunizations, some infections and diseases have almost completely been eradicated throughout the world. One example is polio.


Conclusion, immunization programme which our state ministry of health has been emphasizing on has tremendously saved us from a huge sum of money being spent on herbalists, sacrifices and fruitless hunting for so-called witches that are presumed to be behind all infants deaths. Immunization is less expensive and quite affordable than the treatment of the diseases when not immunized.

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