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Reasons to Know Your Partner Genotype

Reasons to Know Your Partner Genotype – As parent, you should not bring your offspring into this world to experience agony or pains. The agony and pains are avoidable, if you get to know the genotype of your partner. After that has being said, let’s get to know what genotype is.

What is Genotype?

A Genotype is the entire genetic constitution of a person, simply put, a person’s genotype is a complete heritable genetic identity. Also, the sum total of the genes which is transmitted from parent to their offsprings. Differences in genotype correspond to observable differences within that trait across individuals.

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Furthermore, there are four hemoglobin genotypes in humans including: AA, AS, SS and AC ( the abnormal genotype or sickle cell). An individual with AA can marry anybody, while AS is better of with AA and AS. However, AS and AC carriers is very risky.
This is why you need to carefully talk to your partner before you tie knot, to prevent serious health issues. Partners who both carry AS genotype are advised to adopt a children rather take the risk of giving birth to children with sickle cell disease.

Most importantly, courting and dating should be done with enough sensitization on genotypes good counsel prayers and emotional supports, as most of this partners use the heart rather their heads in thinking. Taking care of a child who is SS can be a very difficult task especially for couples who do not have the financial capacity and even for those with the financial resources, the child may still die from a crisis or complication that may occur when nobody expects it. Hence, partners knowing their hemoglobin genotype before entering a relationship that could lead to marriage will enable you talk about it with your partner and if you are incompatible, the possibility of marriage can easily be ruled out at this early stage of the relationship.

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Meanwhile, a sickle cell patient (SS) can marry a partner with no sickle cell gene. It is necessary that you know your partner’s genotype to avoid devastating condition during conception. However, individual with sickle cells experience severe pains in the body parts where oxygen flow is prevented as a result of a blockage in the blood vessels.

Types of Hemoglobin Genotype Test

 New born Screening
 Diagnostic Testing
 Carrier Testing
 Prenatal Testing
 Preimplanation Testing
 Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing
 Forensic Testing

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