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How to Keep the Vagina Clean

How to Keep the Vagina Clean – The vagina is designed to cleanse itself with the help of natural secretion. The vagina tube of muscles runs from the cervix to the vagina opening. The vulva which is the external sex organs, surrounds the vaginal opening.

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This part of the body gives pleasure and also a birth canal. Again, it goes through menstruation each month. It is necessary to know that the vagina and vulva are not the same . However, many persons do think they mean the same thing. Vulva is a part that seen outside. It includes the lips surrounding the vagina, the clitoris, the vaginal opening, the hymen and other parts. While, the vagina is the muscular tube on the inside, which leads to the womb. After that being said, let’s look at how to keep the vagina clean.

Don’t Wash The Vagina

There a lot odd information, telling women that they need to get their vagina to smell and feel fresh. Lot of women wash their vagina with soap to keep it clean but this leaves the vagina open to harmful organisms. What you need do is wash the vulva with water and unscented soap.

Choose Underwear Fabric Wisely

Wearing clean under wears made of cotton, helps absorbs moisture down there and gives a breathable condition. If you sweat a lot, then you must change your underwear as soon as possible.

Treat Problems Promptly

As a woman, you have to understand that your body is unique. However, there’s need to observe your vagina and know your different discharges and the time of cycle that they come .Notice abnormalities and treat it properly. Don’t do self medication when it comes to the vagina due to it sensitivity.

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Prioritize Your Health

Eat well and ensure that you treat your health matter seriously, because anything that affect your body, affect your vagina and the entire body.

Vaginal Douches

A douche flushes water up into the vagina, clearing out vaginal secretions. Some women use a douche to “clean” the vagina.
But using a douche can disrupt the normal vaginal bacteria, so it isn’t recommended that you use one.

Practice Safe Sex

Make sure you involve yourself in a sex, by using protection. And , if you want to have an unprotected sex, then ensure that your partner get tested for STIs before then. Condoms of condom that contains spermicide and lubricants that contains Glycerin, parabens, scents petroleum product and non- natural oils. Meanwhile, urinating after sex helps reduce chances to getting a UTI.

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