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Adverse Effect of Coronavirus in Rwanda

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The Rwandan Authorities have said that parents risk being prosecuted if their kids are found roaming or hawking in the major cities of the country. This development is as a result of the government efforts in trying to reunite children who in their numbers wander around the various cities of the country.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many homes. A situation that has forced many families to send their kids to the street to hawk or involve in any menial job to support their family.

The pandemic has led to so many domestic violence and reduction in many family incomes and it is the reason many homes send their children out to involve in petty trade but knowing how dangerous it could be out there, parents still send their children out to do hawking or menial job with a higher risk of contracting the virus.

That has caught the attention of the Rwandan authorities, and they have been able to reunite over 800 kids with their parents. And the authority has issued out a warning that parents stand the chance of being arrested should in any case they let their kids go out to hawk or take any menial jobs.

While some Rwandese condemn the position of the authorities, many outside Rwanda like Cameroun appraise the Paul Kagame’s style of governance. As they see it to be characterized with a no-nonsense attitude like approach. That they had even wished their President, Biya should be replaced with Paul Kagame should they Rwandese don’t like Paul Kagame style of leadership.

Well, with all that said, I think Paul Kagame’s government is one that is truly characterized by good economic policies. The idea of parents sending their children out at a time of the Coronavirus pandemic is one thing that should be condemned by any sane well-meaning person.

It is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children and not the other way round. The idea that parents send their children out to hawk to bring back home what the family could eat is rather evil and should be abolished.

In carrying out the clinical sanity of the children littering on the streets of Rwanda, we urge the Paul Kagame’s government to ensure that palliatives are provided for the various home in need of assistance. It is with that the parents could ensure their kids doesn’t go out to fend for themselves or the family.


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