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How To Care For Your Eyesight


Our eyesight/vision is one of the most precious gifts we have. It affects our quality of life in so many different ways even though it can very easily be taken for granted.


Loss of vision can many times be gradual and unnoticed initially, hence it is important that we pay attention to our eyesight.


There are things we can do to improve our eyesight; conversely, there are things to avoid inorder to protect your eyesight.


How can you care for your eyes?


Here are some important tips:


1. Avoid spending too much time looking at screens

I’m referring to both TV and phone screens. Minimize your exposure as much as possible. Excessive staring at screens is not healthy for your eyesight.


2. Avoid rubbing your eyes

If you feel something in your eye, it’s better to blink your eye rapidly in order for tears to clear it away or to use eye drops. Rubbing the eyes can force the unwanted object deeper or injure delicate parts of the eye.


Rubbing the eyes can also introduce micro-organisms into the eyes causing eye infection. It could also damage fragile blood vessels in the eyes.


3. Don’t skip appointments for eye check-ups.

If you’re already seeing an opthalmologist (or you need to see one) for an eye condition, ensure you keep to your appointments for check-up.


4. Maintain a healthy diet.

Your eyes need vitamins and minerals to function optimally. Maintaining a balanced diet is vital to your vision.


5. Use eye protection (safety glasses) as much as possible when engaging in activities such as swimming, clearing the surrounding etc. It’s also vital to use sunglasses when exposed to sunlight for a long time.


6. Use eye makeup properly.

Exercise care in applying eye makeup when it’s very close to the eyes and ensure you wash it off at the end of the day. Avoid sleeping with makeup on. Also check expiry dates on eye makeup products to avoid using expired products.


7. Ensure you get optimum hours of sleep daily.

Sleep deprivation leads to eye strain and dry eyes. Getting little sleep is not healthy for your eyesight.


8. Avoid sleeping with contact lenses on.

Sleeping with contact lenses can lead to eye infection and also irritate the eyes.


9. Avoid cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking has been identified as a serious risk factor for several eye diseases. It’s bad for general health as well as eyesight.


With the right lifestyle habits we can protect our eyesight and prevent the development of gradual loss of vision.

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