Visual Look Up in iOS 15

Visual Look Up in iOS 15: How to Search Inside Your Photos

Visual Look Up in iOS 15: How to Search Inside Your Photos – With each new edition of iOS, Apple has continuously improved its AI picture recognition, and iOS 15 takes it to the next level with many new AI-powered capabilities including Live Text and Visual Look Up.

The latter is part of the Photos app’s all-new data pane, which displays additional information about the camera, lens, shutter speed, file size, and more. You can even change the date or location. Certain things in an image will be automatically detected by Visual Look Up, and you can get further information about them by tapping on them.

Plants and animals, renowned landmarks, novels, album covers, and iconic works of art are all recognized by Visual Look Up. Here’s how to put it to good use.

What is Visual Look Up and How Do I Use It?

The Photos app now has this new capability. However, if you’re using the Camera app and want to swipe through recent shots, you may do so by tapping the camera roll in the lower-left corner.

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Visual lookup iOS 15

Information on common animals, plants, art, and landmarks is just a few touches away with Visual Look Up.

Open the Photos app and select a photo you’d like to learn more about.

If Visual Look Up has further information about the subject of the photo, the Info button will get a sparkling effect at the bottom of the screen.

The new Info pane appears when you tap the I Info button or slide up on the photo. It displays information on the camera and exposure used to capture the photo, as well as a map of the location if the photo contains location data.

You’ll notice a small icon on the photo if Visual Look Up recognizes something in it: a pawprint for an animal, a leaf for a plant or flower, a book for a book, or a painting for artwork. A small pushpin icon will appear in the lower right corner for landmarks.

A pop-up card with the Visual Look Up results will appear when you tap that small symbol. Siri Knowledge results (for pet breeds, plants, locations, or artwork), a list of related images on the web, and even Apple Maps routes to landmarks will all be displayed. If the book is an e-book, you may be given a link to Apple Books where you can purchase and download it.

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