Ugo C Ugo Past Questions

Ugo C Ugo Past Questions and Answers Study Pack

Ugo C Ugo Past Questions: In Nigeria, the Common Entrance Examination selects whether students are qualified to enter the secondary schools system. As a student preparing for an impending exam, you should study thoroughly.

Please take note of this.

The past questions and answers guide for the Ugo C. Ugo Common Entrance Examination is an excellent resource for passing the exam with flying colors. It also functions as a learning aid.

It’s also utilized to train or brush up on students. It also informs them about the types of questions they might expect during the written exams. You’ll learn how to acquire this guide and where to get it in this article.

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Importance of Ugo C Ugo Past Questions and Answers  

They are important because they give pupils an idea of how the questions would be set. Also, they help pupils to know the level of their preparedness.

Additionally, the Ugo C Ugo past questions and answers provide a guide on:

  • Command school examinations.
  • Also, on Navy Police examination.
  • Additionally, on Air Force examination.
  • Furthermore, on Private Institutions examination.
  • Additionally, on International Staff Examinations

Structure of the Ugo C Ugo Past Questions and Answers

The structure of the Ugo C Ugo past questions and answers guide on Common Entrance Examination Consists of the following:

Paper I
Part A. This is made up of Mathematics and General Science.
Part B. This is made up of English and Social Studies.
Part A. This is made up of Quantitative and Vocational Aptitude.
Part B. This is made up of Verbal Aptitude.

Important Tips about Writing the Examination

  • Spend as little time as possible on each question. As a result, begin by answering the questions that you are most familiar with as quickly as possible.
  • Always read a question thoroughly. Before you begin to respond, double-check that you understand exactly what is expected.
  • In addition, pay attention to all of the directions given by the examination supervisor.
  • And follow his instructions to the letter. Also, begin when he instructs you to do so and end when he instructs you to do so.
  • Also, think about how you’ll respond to queries as swiftly and as thoroughly as possible.
  • Also, clearly indicate (or darken) your responses on the answer sheet. If you realize you’ve made a mistake, totally delete the original mark and start over.
  • Also, don’t forget to fill in the essential details on your response sheet. The examination, year, your name, your index number, and the subject are all listed. You will not be given credit for your effort if you do not write your name or your index number.
  • Also, if you have more answer slots than you require, simply leave them blank.
  • Furthermore, once you’ve completed one page, move on to the next without wasting time or waiting to be told.
  • Also, remain composed on exam day. If you stay calm, you have a better chance of succeeding than if you are stressed and restless.

Sample Ugo C Ugo Past Questions and Answers on Common Entrance Exam

We gathered really authentic Ugo C Ugo Common Entrance’s previous questions for unknown reasons to see if you’re smarter than the typical JSS 1 student.

Fill in the gap: That is the man _________ killed the snake.

  1. Who.
  2. Which.
  3. Whom.
  4. Who’s.

The dog ran ________ the road.

  1. Between.
  2. Over.
  3. Across.
  4. Through.

My cousin __________ some apples from the supermarket yesterday.

  1. Buys.
  2. Bought.
  3. Buys.
  4. Will buy.

It _________ raining all day.

  1. Has been.
  2. Had being.
  3. Have been.
  4. Have being.
  5. Has been.


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