How to crack Jumia treasure hunt

Tips And Tricks On How To Crack And Win Jumia Treasure Hunt

Even when following the rules, the majority of people still have trouble solving the puzzle.

Because of the large number of people that are playing the treasure hunt game, the chances of winning are modest, but not impossible.

You may be on your way to winning your first ever treasure hunt present at an incredibly low price if you follow the rules and clues and use some of the tips and tactics or cheats I’m about to throw your way.

Tips & Tricks On How To Crack & Win Jumia Treasure Hunt

1. Use Jumia Mobile App

The only way to participate in the Jumia Treasure Hunt is to download the Jumia Mobile App.

If you don’t already have their app on your phone or iPhone, you can get one here.

Another intriguing feature of the Jumia App is that it sends customers reminders about the most exciting Jumia hunts deals, as well as additional bargains such as Flash Specials and App Only deals. You can, however, sign up for Jumia’s email to receive other discounts and frequent updates on the greatest bargains.

To participate in the Jumia Treasure Hunt, you must first download the smartphone app. All participants in the tournament will also require the Jumia App in order to obtain a clue that will assist them in determining where to seek for a specific item, hence improving their chances of winning.

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2. Use Super fast internet

If you want to compete with the large number of participants, you’ll need a gadget with a lot of RAM/speed and good internet connectivity.

This will offer you an advantage and make it easier to find prize items than one that keeps loading.

3. Begin Your Search Early And Never Quit

Ensure that your search begins at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the treasure hunt game and continues until the timer runs out.

This is due to the fact that everyone else seeks and quits somewhere along the route before reaching their destination.

Because it is a game, chances are that the object will be dropped at any point along the road from the start to the finish.

As a result, starting and stopping early will hurt your chances of winning. Starting in the middle will also hurt your chances of winning.

4. Use The Jumia Search Filters To Narrow Down Your Search

The Jumia search criteria can substantially assist you in narrowing down your search; simply putting a keyword into the search bar may not suffice.

Refresh your search as much as possible as you narrow down your filter because Treasure Hunt items are known to emerge and disappear.

Also, make sure you exclusively search the category that Jumia has given you as a clue; only then will you be able to uncover the treasure item.

5. Follow Jumia On Social Media To Get More Information

For the most up-to-date information, visit Jumia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Don’t forget to watch the live videos that are uploaded on various social media sites on a daily basis; certain clues may be revealed through these channels.

Communication with other treasure hunters can greatly increase your chances of success.

You may also arrange time and learn more about Treasure Hunt items on their official Treasure Hunt page.

6. Link your Payment To JumiaPay

JumiaPay is a Jumia free online payment service that allows you to make secure, quick, and cost-effective payments online.

Another vital step to perform is to link your ATM card to JumiaPay in order to boost your chances of purchasing the product once it is discovered.

Because it’s a race to see who has the fastest finger, you must eliminate anything that could slow you down.

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NOTE: If you are fortunate enough to find the item, make sure you submit your purchase and pay for it right away; do not hesitate since other customers may find it at the same moment you did, and the first one to pay wins. Be astute!

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