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The Best Way to Delete Your Tinder Account and Begin Again (2021)

Delete tinder account – Is it because you want a fresh start that you’re deleting Tinder?

A few factors should be taken into consideration before you delete Tinder.

  1. Due to Tinder’s perception that this is suspicious conduct, such as something a bot would do, you may get shadowbanned. Using the app normally will not result in any matches or messages, which will indicate that your account has been shadowbanned.
  2. There is a three-month data retention period after which your Tinder account will need to be recreated with a new phone number and Facebook account.
  3. The remainder of your paid Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscription will be gone.

Resetting your Tinder account could be worth it in two situations:

  1. You’ve run out of individuals to match within your neighborhood, and you’d like another chance to do so.
  2. With new photographs and an updated bio, you’ve completely revamped your Tinder profile but are still not seeing much success. So, you’re in the “What have I got to lose?” camp. territory.

To start completely over on Tinder, follow the steps below:

If you log in via Facebook:

  1. By the instructions above, delete your account.
  2. ffnen Sie Ihren Facebook-Account
  3. Tap “Apps & Websites” under “Settings”
  4. Toggle “Tinder” on or off.
  5. Towards the very bottom of the menu selections, tap “Remove App
  6. A totally new Facebook account should be created, this time with a different email address. Use a separate Apple ID or Google Play account if you were a paying subscriber.
  7. Start by downloading the Tinder app.
  8. Then, launch the Tinder app and create a new Tinder account by logging in to Facebook.
  9. To retrieve the SMS codes for verification, please enter in a new phone number that you will be able to reach.

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If you log in with a cell number:

  1. By the instructions above, delete your account.
  2. Please note that premium subscribers will need to sign up for a new Apple ID or Google Play account when they reinstall Tinder.
  3. Create a new Tinder account by opening the app and logging in. The phone number will also change if you delayed more than 3 months to apply. Be sure to use a phone number that you can access when needed.

To check if the Tinder reset was successful, follow the steps below.

Request your Tinder data following the steps above, and confirm there’s nothing listed from your prior account:

  1. As a starting point, click here: https://account.gotinder.com/data
  2. Your new Tinder account is now available to you.
  3. Your data report will be sent to this email address.
  4. You will receive a link to download your data report from Tinder in a few days, although the exact date is not specified. The data connection expires 24 hours after it is sent, so keep an eye out for it. Delete tinder account

Now That You’ve Got A Clean Slate…

Make the most of your new beginning!

Here are 3 Tinder photo suggestions that will keep those right swipes coming!

1: Start With A Headshot

To be considered for a role, actors and models are required to submit “headshots.” The photo format is one of the most attractive in the world today. Use that as your Tinder profile photo. Delete tinder account

For best impact, your headshot should include the following features:

#1: A lot of contrast between you and the background. Whether you’re dating on Tinder or any other dating app, the last thing you want to do is blend in with the crowd. Take control of the frame!

#2: It’s visually simple. Anime filters and wacky effects aren’t needed here – it’s all you. It has been found that when an image becomes more complicated, its perceived attractiveness decreases. If you want to be easy on the eyes, then you need to do just that.

#3: You’re not hiding your eyes. If your long hair or Maui Jims prevent you from making eye contact, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Tinder doesn’t like it because it makes you appear less trustworthy and likable.

2: Skip The Selfies

Or at the very least, keep them to a minimum.

Non-selfie photos are evaluated as less appealing & pleasant by people than normal, non-selfie photos, according to research. Selfies are also rated as more narcissistic and less attractive than non-selfie photos.

It’s hard to get the lighting and angles correct without a lot of practice, regardless of the science involved. As a result, most Tinder selfies are awkward and poorly lit.

If you’re taking a selfie in your bathroom, or any restroom, it has no place in your Tinder profile. It’s just not that good. Delete tinder account

3: Embrace Variety

It’s the spice of life and all, and it will definitely add some to your Tinder profile. If you want her to “like” your profile, instead of hitting that awful “nope” icon, you need to prove what an amazing, multi-faceted guy you are.

In a nutshell, the take-home message your Tinder profile leaves her with should be “interesting man I want to spend out with.”

Photos of you involved in physical activity are extremely enticing since fitness is a significant must-have for most singles. Hiking vacations, riding, sports, kayaking – anything that demonstrates you’re down for a work out are wonderful to include.

Snaps showing you engaging with a dog are also especially helpful. Not only does it indirectly signal you’re able to take responsibility for the care and nourishment of another living person, but owning a dog also ups your beauty rating.

And here’s good news if you don’t have a dog – making someone think you have worked just as well. Borrow one and have a friend picture you interacting with it!

Variety also includes hues. Most singles on Tinder choose images where they’re wearing muted neutral tones, so if you want to stand out include some color. Red is a very effective color, as it makes you even more desirable to women. Delete tinder account

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Start Over On Tinder The Right Way

Delete Tinder and start afresh – but do something different this time.

Tinder isn’t only about enhancing your photo lineup – you also need to revamp your bio and improve your messaging skills.

So, you should prepare and get your game in shape. Read on to find out more. Tips are not enough; you need a whole Tinder plan.

Some people relate online dating to a part-time job they didn’t desire. Tinder has been known to both undermine your self-esteem and leave you feeling disappointed with the matches you do get.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bypass the stressful, unpleasant phase of the process a jump straight to the “meet incredible singles” part?

VIDA allows you to do just that. Our dating professionals handle all the hard work behind the scenes, so all you have to do is show up for all of the fantastic dates that come your way!

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