Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agent - Win Customers

Powerful marketing strategies for insurance agents – Win Customers


Powerful Marketing Strategies For Insurance Agent

Although there are many marketing strategies for insurance agents, there are Powerful marketing strategies for insurance agents that can help them win more customers.

Currently, the use of digital marketing strategy for selling insurance products  turns out to be more effective.

Your first challenge in getting winning customers is breaking through the online noise and attracting them.

But, beware: Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to, they want to do their own research, and they naturally view insurance companies with skepticism.

Today’s consumer is used to instant, sophisticated, seamless shopping experiences.

Purchasing insurance is no different—policyholders expect the same easy process as they’d have when buying new shoes on Amazon.

The following are very powerful marketing strategies for insurance agents.

1. Improve Your Email Strategy

Why does email work? That’s a bigger question that we could (and have) write about in-depth.

Email marketing can be as targeted and personal as you want it to be. Better yet, it’s a direct channel to your existing customer base.

Email not only keeps you top of mind for repeat business, but it also creates opportunities for email forwarding, social sharing, and referral business.

All you have to do is create and share content that provides value to your subscribers.

In short, focus less on promoting your services and instead think about the needs of your audience.

2. Improve your Networking

82% of Americans seek recommendations from friends and family when considering products and services.

That’s 8 out of every 10 people! It’s important to get your name out there. Networking online and in person is a way to do this.

In today’s tech-driven mortgage marketing world, connecting in person may sound a bit old-fashioned, and even difficult.

But when it comes to building real relationships, there’s no substitute.

The networking you do offline is perfect fodder for your visual content marketing strategy. Potential clients and referrals can connect your name to a friendly face and know you care about your community.

3. Promote Your Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Simply put, gaining traction just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

But there are a lot of opportunities out there if you’re willing to try some new tactics.

Social media advertising is expected to generate more than $17 billion in revenue in 2019 and continue growing year over year.

Promoted posts and social ads are an effective means of reaching beyond your current network and increasing your brand exposure across social media channels.

Social media advertising is one of our top marketing ideas for insurance agents in 2019.

The ability to target zip codes, professions, and other demographics is invaluable to companies that know their audience and demographics.

4. Build your insurance website

The best insurance marketing campaigns start and end with your website. Your website is frequently the first interaction policyholders will have with your company, and about 75% of them will judge your insurance company’s credibility based on how it looks and functions.

If they don’t connect with what they see within 10 seconds of landing on a webpage, they’ll move onto another provider.

You have to make your website to be fast, it needs to be secure, and it needs to be mobile-friendly.

Did you know that over 50% of searches for insurance happen from mobile devices? That should tell you something about the usability and customer experience potential policyholders expect.

But it isn’t enough to just be mobile-friendly.

Your website needs to load in under three seconds—47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less! Considering the average mobile page speed is 15 seconds, you have work to do.

5. Advertise your brand through video marketing

Video marketing is the thing. Consumers in the U.S. now watch up to six hours of digital video per day.

It’s not just for B2C, either—73% of B2B marketing professionals say that video has positively impacted marketing results.

Below are a few video marketing ideas to get you started.

  • Create how-to or informative videos – 86% of YouTube viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things—so give them what they want. Teach them how to take care of their jewelry correctly.
  • Teach them how to find the best insurance rates. Teach them how to inspect their home’s foundation for cracks. The options are endless.
  • Feature policyholder testimonials – The number one mistake most insurance companies make is being self-centered.
  • Stop making videos about yourself. Nobody cares why you think you’re great—they care why your policyholders think you’re great.
  • Communicate that with spotlight videos featuring policyholders you’ve helped. Communicate your brand values by showing them, not talking about them.
  • Show your commitment to society – Social responsibility is expected from insurance companies, and your company is no exception.

Do you want to start an Insurance marketing?

Here is where to Begin Your Insurance Marketing Plan

Start with a digital competitive analysis.

A competitive analysis will find out what insurance marketing opportunities your competitors are taking advantage of and what’s necessary to beat them in the search engines and grow your company.

With the best digital competitive analyses, you’ll also get a roadmap of the marketing channels that are the most important for your business.

Stop wasting your time on ineffective marketing strategies and start attracting and retaining more policyholders. If you need help, we’re only a phone call away.


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