Notification Settings On Facebook Account

Notification Settings On Facebook Account – How do I Set My Facebook Notifications this year

This guide on Facebook Notifications Troubleshooting – Notification Settings On Facebook Account – Facebook Notifications Guide gives you updates about things ongoing in your Facebook Account which involves you. It notifies you about a lot of things including:

  • Recent Friends’ request
  • Who reacted to your post.
  • Who commented on your post.
  • Ongoing and upcoming events.
  • Group activities and Activities of friends (those who posted something or tagged you in a post).
  • And several others

One beautiful thing about Facebook Notifications settings is that you can get it whether you are online or not. Aside from having the FB App which easily notifies you with a sound, Facebook has done it in a way now that you receive a text or mail about a recent activity on FB. So let us dive to the business of the day Notification Settings On Facebook Account.

How to Check Out Your Facebook Notifications Settings

We will start this guide with a step by step procedure to accessing the Facebook notification setting.

At the top right of your Facebook homepage, you are going to see three major icons which are:

  1. Friend Request Icon.
  2. Facebook Messenger Icon.
  3. Facebook Notification Icon

Each time you have a notification or a new activity on your device, you are going to see a red bubble appearing on any of these icons. The red bubble will include the number of notifications you received.

The Facebook Notification icon particularly can appear differently depending on whether you are using the Facebook App for mobile or you visit Facebook on your desktop using internet web browsers. On a desktop, the icon appears as a globe while on mobile it appears as a bell.

The Message Notification icon shows users messages sent to them from friends and groups while the Notification icon in form of a human shadow is to notify you on recent friend requests sent to you from other Facebook users. Also, it notifies you if someone has just accepted your friend request on Facebook.

Hovering your cursor around any of these icons tells you what it is used for before you even click on it. Clicking on it unveils all the notifications in detail.

Facebook Notifications Troubleshooting

Your Facebook Notification Settings can be adjusted. You can even choose who you receive notifications from and what you receive notification about. To access your Facebook Notification Settings, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and access your Facebook Homepage.
  2. At the top of your page click “Settings”
  3. Click on “Notifications”.
  4. From here, you can easily edit your Facebook Notifications Settings.

Ensure you always look out for and check your Facebook notifications. Although they are visible enough but ensure you keep a check on them. I hope this guide was helpful?

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