Instagram Login Via Facebook – Login Instagram With Facebook Account Guide

Facebook and Instagram is now owned by same company and ever since the company was purchased, you know you can now link both accounts and simply complete Instagram login via Facebook account because this two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram now work hand in hand to give users the platform for more user experience and fun. Over the years, Instagram has functioned as a distinct platform from Facebook. But nowadays you can choose to create an Instagram account with your Facebook details.

Well this is not only possible for new accounts so if you are an old user, fret not as we will explain how you can also connect both of these social media platforms. If you are already a Facebook user and also an Insta user, then you are in the right place. Facebook gives you the option to sync your FB account and your Instagram account together. Once this is achieved, you can then be granted access to login your Insta account using your Facebook account.

This sounds interesting right? Well, that is not only the advantage. Another interesting thing this feature will do for you is that, it will give you a backup and increase your connection with friends. That is, you are given the privilege of locating and following your friends who are also on Instagram via the autosuggest feature.

Having mentioned and introduced this feature to you, we will now dive into the step by step guide to help you login to your Instagram account using your Facebook account details.

Instagram Login via Facebook My Account

Although the introductory paragraph has fully explained the feature, we will go further to explain how you can easily login to your Instagram account using your FB details so far you already have an FB account and you synchronized it with your Insta account, just follow these steps to log in.

  1. From any Web browser, visit (You can also use your Instagram Mobile App after you might have downloaded and installed it on your device).
  2. There on the first page, you will see some options. One is to log in using your email address and another is the option to use your Facebook account.
  3. Select and Click on the “Log In with Facebook” alternative.

You can then enter your Facebook details in the fields provided or you will be logged in directly if you have saved the login credentials for Facebook on your device.

And that’s it.

Your login is done using your FB sign in details. If you signed up using Facebook, your profile details are displayed automatically since you are already a Facebook user. All they do is pull your details from Facebook and replicate same on Instagram. Easy right? That’s the power Facebook and Instagram Synchronization gives you.

I trust you enjoyed the article and it was helpful?

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