How to Use a Computer to Mirror Your iPhone Screen

How to Use a Computer to Mirror Your iPhone Screen –If you don’t have an Apple TV and want to see your iPhone screen on a laptop or desktop, you can use a third-party program or Mac’s built-in hidden function.

You can use the built-in Screen Recording tool to record your iPhone’s screen, but what if you want to view the device’s screen on your computer? The iPhone’s screen-mirroring feature allows you to cast the screen of your phone to a laptop or desktop PC through Wi-Fi. It’s a simple procedure if you know where to search.

How to Mirror the Screen of Your iPhone on a Windows PC

While the Your Phone software allows Windows users to mirror an Android phone, iPhone users must acquire a third-party utility to cast their phone. There are a number of applications that provide this feature, but LonelyScreen is a good place to start for easy free casting. It’s a simple program that fools your iPhone into thinking your computer is an Apple TV.

Install and run LonelyScreen, then change the name of your AirPlay server by clicking the “LonelyScreen” title along the bottom. Open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap the Screen Mirroring button. If you don’t see one, you’ll have to add it from the iPhone’s Settings.

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Select your LonelyScreen laptop from the list after tapping the Screen Mirroring button, and your iPhone screen will show on your PC right away. If you don’t see it, go to LonelyScreen’s troubleshooting page—it can be a little problematic at times. You may then magnify the window for a closer look and use the arrow in the bottom-right to bring up a Record button, which allows you to record video snippets.

It’s worth noting that LonelyScreen advertises a free trial, but you may opt-out at any time—it doesn’t appear to be a time-limited trial in our testing (though the nag screen may re-appear occasionally as you use it). If you require more configuration options for your video recording and screen mirroring, a premium app like Reflector ($17.99) or AirServer ($19.99) may be able to help. LonelyScreen, on the other hand, should be enough for most folks when it comes to quick and dirty mirroring.

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How to Mirror the Screen of Your iPhone on a MacBook

This functionality is incorporated right into your MacBook in the form of the QuickTime video player, so Mac users have it simple. The only caveat is that you must connect your iPhone through USB.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a Lightning cord. If you haven’t done so recently, you might need to press the “Trust” prompt on your iPhone before proceeding. Open Launchpad and pick QuickTime Player once connected. Go to File > New Movie Recording when the app has been launched. You should see the appearance of a new window.

In the movie window, click the down arrow next to the Record button, and your iPhone should appear in the drop-down under Camera. If it doesn’t appear, try disconnecting and rejoining your iPhone; it should appear after that. The screen of your phone will appear on your Mac after you select it from the list. You can use this for demonstrations or to record a video of your iPhone screen by pressing the Record button.

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