How to Record Your iPhone or iPad’s Screen

How to Record Your iPhone or iPad’s Screen- Do you need to take a screenshot of exactly what’s on your screen? The built-in Screen Recording tool may capture static screenshots as well as generate a video of your screen activities.

You don’t need a third-party app from the App Store to record videos of your iPhone or iPad screen. Screen Recording is a function integrated into iOS and iPadOS that allows you to record activity on your screen.

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You may start a screen recording and then take individual screenshots of the video by adding Screen Recording to Control Panel. This utility makes capturing the screen activity of your iPhone or iPad easier than using a third-party program. Let’s see how it goes.

Control Center can be customized.

How to Record Your iPhone or iPad’s Screen- Go to Settings > Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure the “Access Within Apps” option is enabled. Select Customize Controls from the drop-down menu. Tap Screen Recording in the More Controls area to add it to Control Center.

Begin recording.

Now you may go to the app or screen you wish to record on and start recording. Select the Screen Recording icon from the Control Center. If your device supports 3D Touch, hold down the symbol to see more possibilities. By tapping the microphone icon, you can enable or disable audio recording, as well as select a different location for your screen recording than your Photos collection.

To begin recording, tap Start Recording. If your device does not support 3D Touch, simply hit the Screen Recording icon to start the recorder. After then, you’ll notice a countdown before the recording begins.

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Turn off the recorder.

You can end the recording without having to return to Control Center once you’re done. While recording, a red icon with a timer appears at the top of your screen (upper-left corner on iPhone, upper-right corner on iPad). When you tap the symbol, a message appears, allowing you to stop recording. When you tap Stop, a notification will appear, informing you that your screen recording footage has been stored on your device.

Listen to the Recording

In the Photos app, you may see your screen recording. To watch the recording, tap it and then play it. Scrub through the video, mute the sound, share it, or delete it from this screen.

Using a Screenshot

Screen Recording can also be used to snap screenshots of any activity that has already been recorded. If you’re experiencing problems taking screenshots while using an app or doing something else, this method can help. After you’ve finished recording your video, go back and pause at the appropriate point.

On an iPhone or iPad Pro without a Home button, press the Side button + Volume Up button to capture a static screenshot; On/Off button + Home button on devices with a Home button to take a dynamic screenshot.

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