How to Make iPhone Apps Work

How to Make iPhone Apps Work Without Having to Download Them

How to Make iPhone Apps Work Without Having to Download Them – Apple’s App Clips feature in iOS 14 allows you to use an app’s features without having to fully download it to your iPhone. We put it to the test and here’s how it went.

A cluttered home screen is an unavoidable problem for all iPhone users. Apple introduced App Clips in iOS 14 to reduce app overload by allowing users to try out a program’s basic functions without having to download the entire app.

Consider App Clips to be a cross between a mobile website and a full-fledged app download. App Clips will appear as a quick choice to do a simple activity like making a reservation, scheduling an appointment, hailing a car-sharing, or placing a takeout order based on your location or what you’re doing on your iPhone.

You’ll have to look around for App Clips-compatible apps, but here’s how it works.

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App Clips: How to Use Them

I used Apple Maps to look for local establishments that supported App Clips, and I came across a Panera Bread that provided directions to the location as well as an Order Food option on its Apple Maps listing.

When you tap the Order Food option, you’ll see the App Clip and a link to download the official app. I was led to a limited menu after opening the App Clip, where I could choose a sandwich and other goods. Of course, I was told that I needed to download the official app to access the whole menu.

I ignored the notification and went ahead and placed my order. After that, I was able to choose a pickup option and pay using Apple Pay. I didn’t have to fill out a customer form because Apple Pay already had my basic information (name, address, phone number, etc.)—all of the essential information was copied over to the bill, and I was given a pickup time for my order.

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Apple saves a duplicate of the App Clip to you “Recently Added” App Library folder if you need to utilize it again. It will be automatically erased after 30 days, but you can delete your Software Clips sooner or download the official app by going to the App Clips area of your iPhone settings.

Compared to waiting for an app to download or searching for a mobile-friendly website—and then creating a second Panera account—the App Clip was quick and easy, with just enough information to complete my task and pre-populated information from Apple Pay.

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