Get More Keys in Mudae

How To Get More Keys in Mudae

Mudae is a Discord bot that many people are familiar with. This bot has several features, the most prominent of which allow Discord users to create a harem of anime characters. Keys can also be used to improve these characters.

If you’re curious about how Keys and Mudae function, you’ve come to the perfect place. Continue reading to discover everything there is to know about Mundaie and how to become a master Mudae user in no time. We’ll also address some frequently asked topics, such as how to obtain Mudae Premium and Kakera.

What Is Mudae?

Mudae is a bot that users can invite to their Discord servers, as we briefly said. It enables users to execute the following tasks:

  • Marry anime characters with the use of unique commands
  • Start a session of Pokemon rocket casino
  • Let users play word games with each other
  • Use word commands
  • Use anime-related commands for different functions
  • Start emote-based countdowns on a server
  • Play with predictions
  • Create random events
  • Create embeds
  • Configure Mudae itself

Saya Akdepskal, a user on the platform, created the bot. She keeps the bot up to date regularly, and users can suggest new anime characters to be added to the database.

More than 65,000 “waifu” and “husbands” are available for marriage and divorce on Mudae today. The characters are from officially licensed anime, manga, comic books, and video games. Characters from Rurouni Kenshin or Sword Art Online, for example, can appear as waifus or husbandos.

The purpose of having Mudae on your server is straightforward. You collect all the characters you want to marry and compete with your friends to see who can have the best harem.

What Do Keys in Mudae Do?

In Mudae, keys are used to level up your characters. The higher your character’s key level, the more bonuses and customization possibilities you’ll obtain.

Key Levels in Mudae

Through a command, you can alter the characters’ embed color on Key Level One. “$embedcolor char>$#color hex code>” is the command.

Let’s look at the different levels.

The character will provide you 10% extra Kakera value if you unlock Key Level Two. When playing Mudae, you’ll mostly use Kakera as cash.

A bronze Soul Key will appear at these two levels, representing your current bond level with the character.

From Level Three onwards, Teal and Green Kakera will be replaced with Orange Kakera. Green Kakera crystals are worth 251-300 ka, while Teal Kakera crystals are worth 401-500 ka. The value of orange kakera ranges from 701 to 800 ka.

Level four grants the character a 10% increase in Kakera’s worth. The payout at level five is the same.

The Soul Key will turn silver when you reach Levels Three through Five.

When you roll this character again at Level Six, you’ll get their Kakera value as well. Every three hours, it reaches a maximum of 4,500ka.

Levels seven through nine all provide a 10% increase in Kakera value. Your character will be far more valuable than previously.

You’ll obtain a Gold Soul Key from Levels 6 to 9.

At level 10, this character’s Kakera reactions will cost the owner half of their power. Any level more than ten will result in a 5% increase in Kakera value.

The Gold Soul Key changes into a Chaos Soul Key once you reach Level 10. Purple and green are the colors of this Soul Key. The character is now added to your Soulmate list.

Soulmates aren’t lost if you divorce or trade them on the original server, and they don’t vanish when you utilize Key reset instructions.

To enable the Key system, set the “$personalrare” value to “1,” which is required if you’re running Mudae on a small Discord server.

How to Get More Keys in Mudae

In Mudae, the only method to obtain Keys is to play the same character multiple times. You must also own the character on the server where you first played. The characters you receive from rolling are completely random, and it isn’t much you can do to earn more Keys besides play for a long period.

It would be ideal if you claimed a character each day. The more you claim these extra characters, the more Keys they give you. To claim them, you’ll need a lot of Kakera, of course.

Silver Badges can be obtained by spending Kakera, increasing your odds of rolling them if they’re on your wishlist. The “$resetclaimtimer” command in Emerald Badges allows you to claim characters again.

Even so, the only way to earn additional Keys is to be patient. Rushing will not help you obtain more Keys. Instead, continue to play Mudae, and you’ll naturally gain more Keys.

Another Good Roll

Mudae and other Discord bots are a fun way to make the platform more interactive. You can also play Mudae with your pals to discover who has the best and most powerful harems. You’ll use Discord a lot more now that Mudae is on your server.

In Mudae, what’s on your bucket list? Which waifu or husbando is your absolute favorite? Would you mind sharing your thoughts in the section below?

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