How to View Facebook Pokes | Facebook Pokes 2021

How to see your pokes on Facebook – The feature “Facebook Poke” has been in existence for a while and is believed by many to seek someone’s attention. There are no set rules as to who or how the Facebook feature can be used. It is simply considered as an attention seeking feature that may mean friendly greetings, seeking attention, are you up for a chat, and so many other functions. So, it is basically the one who initiated the poke that is in the best position to state why he or she sent the poke feature.

Whenever you received a poke on your timeline, you will get a notification in the top right-hand side of the News Feed when you login as far as you have not viewed it. You can also choose to receive email alerts whenever you are poked on Facebook. When you receive a Facebook poke, you can either choose to reply or neglect it. However, if you have an unanswered poke, the person will not be able to send you a new poke unless you reply the previous one.

Tips & Warnings.

As we said early, any of your Facebook friends can decide to poke you, likewise any friends of friends or anyone you share a closed network with can poke you. These are the people you can also poke.

Whenever, you see the poke notification, you can choose to ignore, conceal or reply.

Concealing a poke from view dismisses it permanently. Facebook keeps no long-term record of the pokes you have received.

Examine that the e-mail address and mobile number in your account settings are valid, so that you can receive notifications of poke.

That is how you see your Facebook poke, once you see the notification and you click on the field, you will see the person who sent you the poke and you can make your decision in response to it.

Where can I see how many pokes I’ve sent?

If you want to check out the pokes sent out by you, you can see this in the Facebook pokes page. If you’ve poked a particular friend more than once, you will be able to see the poke activity in your profile

However, If you’re having trouble finding your pokes page, ensure you are logged into your FB Account and try searching directly through in any web browser.

I hope this guide was helpful in defining the term Facebook poke, explaining why it is used, how to view the pokes received by you and then how you can reply and count your number of pokes. Thank you for reading along and do share with your friends.

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