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How To Prepare The Tigernut Drink

How To Prepare The Tigernut Drink – I advised tiger nut milk, also known as ofia (imumu), as a dairy-free alternative to cow milk in my Nigerian book Lose It. I’ve got so many compliments on the dish that I want to share it with the rest of the 9jafoodie community. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this dish; there are just three steps. The method is also the same as that for making soy milk, which you can learn about HERE. If you don’t have access to tiger nuts, almonds can easily be substituted. If you use fresh tiger nuts, there’s no need to soak them.

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Without adding sugar, dried dates can be used to sweeten the milk. I’ve heard (or read) that combining date, coconut, and tigernut is aphrodisiac, but I can’t confirm or deny this. If you try the combination for this reason and it turns out to be true, please notify a sister.

Tigernut (Ohio) Milk Drink Recipe


  • Time to prepare: 10 minutes
  • Time to prepare: 20 minutes
  • Time allotted: 30 minutes
  • Ingredients: 6 servings
  • 1 cup tiger nuts or almonds (soaked overnight)
  • four cups of water
  • – Optional (Skip if making milk for LIN 3 day cleanse)
  • 6 dates (for sweetness)
  • a half cup of fresh coconut — to add richness
  • Rinse and soak dried tigernut or almonds in a large amount of water if using. Leave it for the night.
  • Pour the soaked nut into a blender. 4 cups water, coconut, and, if using, a date Blend until completely smooth.
  • Pour the mixed almonds into a sieve bag (the same sort used for pap) set over a large mixing basin.
  • To release the milk, squeeze the bottom of the bag.

Fill a jar halfway with the mixture and place it in the fridge. Give nut milk a vigorous shake before each use because it has a tendency to solidify in the refrigerator.

Tiger Nut Milk Recipe | Dairy-Free Alternative

Tiger nuts are underground tubers that are also known as tiger nuts. They have a sweet, nutty flavor and are well-known for their ability to produce milk. For centuries, people have used them to make creamy milk all around the world. They’re the kind of people we like.

We think milking a tiger nut should be on everyone’s bucket list, so we created a straightforward, step-by-step tiger nut milk recipe for you. If you’re looking for a thrill, go ahead and try it.

If milking a tiger nut isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy this delicious dairy alternative by ordering a carton of our beverage. We’ve prepared a delectable dish for you using the same pantry ingredients; we’ve just taken care of the effort and milking.

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Why don’t you try a different tiger nut beverage? We have a great recipe for a tiger nut espresso martini as well as a tiger nut pancake brunch.

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  • Next 1 2 Tiger Nuts Milk Recipe (makes approx. 750ml)
  • tiger nuts, 2 c.
  • 4 c. water (filtered) (plus extra for blending)
  • 14 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tsp vanilla essence, honey, or maple syrup
  • spice (cinnamon or nutmeg) (optional)


  • Combine the tiger nuts and sea salt in a basin or jar with a cover.
  • Cover the tiger nuts with water and soak in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours. The longer it soaks, the softer they become, making it simpler to blend them into silky, creamy milk.
  • After soaking, strain the tiger nuts and liquid through a strainer and thoroughly rinse.
  • In a blender, combine the tiger nuts with two cups of filtered water, a little at a time. The flavor of the tiger nuts will be muted if you use too much water.
  • Now, add any flavorings you like.
  • Blend high for several minutes or until the mixture is creamy and smooth. This assignment takes about three minutes to complete.
  • Using a fine sieve, nut bag, cheesecloth, or other similar methods, strain the milk from the tiger nut pulp.
  • Add another 1-2 cups of water to the mixer with the tiger nut pulp. Blend for a few minutes longer, then strain one more. The procedure can be repeated as many times as you like. You have the option of mixing the milk into the first batch or keeping the two separate. The second and third batches will not have as much creaminess as the first.

Pour the milk into a glass jar and keep it in the fridge for 3-4 days once you’ve done.
Don’t you want to save money? To add a sweet and nutty touch to your smoothies, use the leftover tiger nut pulp.

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