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How To Post A 5Minutes Video Clip On Your Facebook Story


Facebook Application only allows a video of not more than 30 seconds on your Story. This makes it impossible to even a post a lengthy clip, be it comedy, motivational or even Advert clips on your story which of course will thrill more viewers or call attention.

Facebook story remains one of the much easier ways to reach a target audience swiftly as mostly people don’t bother going through news feed on their timeline to look for stories, post or articles to keep them busy on the App.

In this step-by-step guide which will be backed up with a pictorial guide, i will teach you how to upload a video of more than 30 seconds which might be even a fives minutes video or more on your Facebook story.


Please note: this feature is done on the Main Facebook messenger App and not the Lite version.

Use your Facebook Messenger and follow accordingly.


1. Go to your Facebook Messenger, tap on any of your friends on your list as if you want to message the person.


2. Tap the ‘type’ option below and you will some icons in which you see both Audio(Voice note) , gallery icon and Photo/snap icon.


2. Tap on the gallery Icon, and swipe it upwards and change the target folder from photos to the folder for the video you want to upload

3. Select the video by tapping on it and immediately, you will see two options appear, ‘SEND’ and EDIT; tap on ‘EDIT’

4. Once you tap EDIT, you will see two Options pop up at the bottom left corner, you will see ‘SOUND’ and YOUR STORY’


5. Immediately you tap on ‘YOUR STORY’, Two options pop up again on the middle of the screen, ‘CANCEL’ and ‘ADD’; Tap on ‘ADD’ and allow the video to upload

Don’t off your data immediately as it will take some time for the clip to upload and finally appear on your story complete


The clip will display on your story for 24hrs as stipulated by Facebook.

This will help you well enough to advertise yours products and post clips without shortening them.




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