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How to Make a Slideshow on an iPhone or iPad Using the Photos App

How to Make a Slideshow on an iPhone or iPad Using the Photos App –Using the Photos app for iOS and iPadOS, you can effortlessly create and share a slideshow of your favorite photos.

You can make and share a slideshow of photographs using tools included into Apple’s Photos app. Simply choose selected photos from your iPhone or iPad based on several criteria, add custom fonts and background music, and share it with others.

There are two sorts of slideshows available in the Photos app. You can alter the theme, music, and duration of a typical slideshow to a particular number of options. You can alter the typography, soundtrack, and length of a Memory Movie by changing the overall theme. Here’s how to make a photo slideshow on your iPhone or iPad, tweak it, and share it.

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View Photographs

Tap the Library icon in the Photos app on your iOS or iPadOS device. (To see all the instructions and locations for the app on the iPad, hit the Sidebar button on the left.) From the menu header, the app allows you to see images by year, month, day, or all at once.
To see all of your photographs as small thumbnails, select All Photos. Choosing Days displays thumbnails of various sizes for each day. Months can be selected to see one or more photographs for each month, or a specific month can be tapped to see all photos for that month.

The thumbnails are displayed by year when you press Years, and you may drill down by year, month, and then day. From the Days or Months views, you can make a Memory Movie.

Make a Day-by-Day or Month-by-Month Slideshow

Select the heading Days if you wish to make a slideshow based on a specific day. Find a specific date in your images by swiping through them. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the ellipsis icon. In the pop-up window that displays, select Play Memory Movie. After that, a slideshow is created and played for a set amount of time, complete with theme music.

By touching the Months heading and then selecting the relevant month, you may make a slideshow focused on a specific month. To see the automatically generated slideshow, tap the ellipsis icon for that month and select Play Memory Movie from the pop-up menu.

If you try to create a slideshow but don’t see the Play Memory Movie command, it’s because the date/month doesn’t have enough photographs to create a slideshow. You’ll have to pick another date with more images in this situation.

Make a Slideshow Out of Your Memories

The Photos app compiles memories from related photos taken on a certain date, event, or occasion. It’ll also make a slideshow out of one of these memories. Select a thumbnail of a memory you like by tapping the For You symbol. To view the slideshow, tap the Play button in the lower-right corner of the image.

Other categories can also be used to create slideshows. Select Albums or People & Places on your iPhone. Make sure the sidebar is displayed on an iPad, then tap People or Places. After selecting the appropriate album, place, or person, press the Play button.
Videos, selfies, and panoramas can all be used to make slideshows. Choose one of those categories, then hit the ellipsis icon in the upper right to bring up the Slideshow menu.

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Select Your Own Photographs

The easiest way to choose your own images for a slideshow is to first organize them into an album. Tap the Albums or All Albums icon, then select New Album from the drop-down menu.

After giving your album a name and saving it, go through your photos and tap each image you wish to include in it. When you’re finished, tap Done.
In the Photos app, your new album displays in the My Albums area. All that’s left to do now is make the slideshow.

To open an album, choose it, then hit the ellipsis icon, then the Slideshow command. Your slideshow will be played by the app.

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