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How to check your MTN and Awuf4u account balances

How to check your MTN and Awuf4u account balances – To check your mtn airtime balance, you need to know the code. Awuf4u balance may be checked by using the MTN awuf4u recharge method. How to check your mtn airtime and awuf4u balances may be found in this thread.

As I said in my earlier piece, there are several ways to check your mtn data balance. The latter, in my opinion, is more essential than the former, because, while some people may not purchase data plans, I don’t believe there are many who do not purchase airtime.

As a result, many people have been left stuck and in hazardous situations due to a lack of attention paid to how to check their airtime.

My friends never check their MTN airtime balance. They simply recharge and make calls till their airtime runs out, at which point they buy another one. What if you need to make an essential call that could last a long time? Would you make the call anyhow, hoping that you still have enough airtime on your Mtn sim card left?

Would you be pleased with frequent airtime interruptions and delays between crucial conversations, regardless of how easy it could be for you to purchase airtime, especially if you use the TopUp services of your bank account?

Even the bank’s top-up services are not always trustworthy; a faulty network can cause your airtime transaction to be delayed. What would you do in such a case? And if for some reason you find yourself stuck in a place where you can’t get MTN airtime and you need to make an urgent call, how would you manage the situation? The situations outlined above require advance planning for a variety of reasons.

In addition, understanding how to check your mtn airtime balance will prevent you from being trapped due to frequent low airtime notifications. It also allows you to check the amount of airtime left on your account and decide whether it’s enough or whether you need to add more before making any critical calls.

Here is the code to check the mtn primary airtime balance.

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How to check mtn credit balance

It is possible to check your mtn airtime balance by dialing the following code:

For a quick look at your mtn airtime balance, call the number *556# I’ve used this code to check my mtn airtime from the day I first started using the service to the day I published this post and it works every time.

It’s as simple as dialing *556# to get your mtn tariff plan and airtime balance. The balance of your airtime will also be sent directly to your mailbox.

By dialing *123#, you can check your airtime balance. You’ll also receive a text message containing your account balance.

This method is considerably easier and faster than using the MTN App, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Have you heard of mtn awuf4u recharge before? How to use this bonus and check your awuf4u airtime balance will be covered in the next few minutes.

Mtn awuf4u

Five-times (5X) your recharge is what you get with the MTN awuf4u recharge. A recharge of N100 will result in a 5X bonus. A recharge of N200 will result in a 10000% bonus. However, you can accumulate and earn the bonus at any moment by recharging using the code provided below.

Mtn awuf4u migration code – How to get the bonus recharge

Rather than using the standard recharge code of *555*airtime digits#, which provides you the allocated airtime you purchased, use *888*airtime digits# to recharge and you’ll get 5X the airtime you purchased for 30 days.

How to check mtn awuf4u balance

Because you use both awuf4u bonus airtime and your regular airtime for calls, it’s important to know how to check your main airtime. awuf4u extra recharge is available to all mtn sims.

But when you recharge straight from your bank account, you won’t get the awuf4u 5X incentive. To receive the awuf4u bonus, you must first purchase an MTN card and then recharge it using the code I provided.

You can check your awuf4u bonus balance after recharging and receiving the bonus by dialing *559*14#. Awuf4u bonus balance and bonus duration will be displayed to you quickly after you dial that number.

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Telecom operators no longer hide their subscribers’ bonus airtime balances. You can check your awuf4u bonus balance at any moment by using the code above.


How to check your MTN and Awuf4u account balances – Check your mtn airtime and awuf4u balances by following the steps outlined in the previous paragraphs.

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