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How to Change Concealed Volume in Photos and other iOS Apps

How to Change Concealed Volume in Photos and other iOS Apps – Even though Apple has system-wide volume and mute controls as well as a hardware mute switch (technically, the “Ring/Silent switch”), you’ve probably had the experience of an app or your iPhone or iPad producing or not producing sound or audio, and you can’t figure out how to get it to start or stop. Apps, on the other hand, have their own relationship with audio production. They frequently, but not always, err on the side of not making a peep until you take action, depending on other settings.

Audio controls for the entire system

By deactivating Change with Buttons in Settings > Sounds & Haptics, you can adjust the Ringer and Alerts volume and keep it from being changed by the volume up/down buttons on your iPhone or iPad. The muting of the entire system is controlled by the physical Ring/Silent switch. However, apps appear to have the ability to bypass this: in some circumstances, an app will play audio even while the switch is turned on; in others, removing the switch or pressing the volume up button enables audio at that time.

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App for photos

When watching a movie, the audio is usually turned off by default. To activate audio, tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the display.


Instagram’s audio controls are perplexing since they rely on a complex interplay of options:

When the Ring/Silent option is turned on, the app’s audio is muted by default. There is no audio when viewing video with audio in the timeline or stories. On videos with sound in the timeline, though, you’ll notice a muted speaker icon: hit it to activate audio in the timeline and stories (and reels and so forth). You can’t turn off the sound unless you find a video with sound in the timeline and press it again.

When the Ring/Silent switch is turned off, audio is played everywhere by default. If you locate a video with sound, you can press it to silence the sound across the app.

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Zoom App

When I was assisting a school I was associated with set up for a Zoom-based workshop, Zoom’s mobile app overrides system-wide audio settings, resulting in a frustrating hour-long troubleshooting process. Even if your iPhone or iPad’s sound is muted, the Zoom mobile app will always play audio if you have enabled “Computer Audio,” which is audio transferred from the device you’re using. (We were using several gadgets in one spot and experiencing awful feedback loops via an iPhone.)

The secret is to look for a small speaker icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you don’t have Always Show Meetings Controls on in Zoom, you won’t see this icon unless you tap the screen briefly to bring up meeting controls.

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