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Four Tips for Keeping a Healthy Hair

Four Tips for Keeping a Healthy Hair – Most times, people consider the virgin hair as nothing service, NO, you must understand that your hair is an investment. Therefore, it requires a certain level of sensitivity and attention. Just as we eat food everyday, our hair also need these food and nutrients to help it grow well. Don’t forget that what you food eventually make their through our body system to feel the hair and the skin.

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Using organic with no sulphate to regularly feed the hair moisturize and treat the hair extension. Note that almond has positive effect to our hair, if you use each week, stay away from shampoo and conditioning product which use Sulphates, Alcohol, Isopropyl and propylene Glycol, these are strong chemicals that are capable of damaging the hair and strip it off it natural oil.

With that being said, let’s quickly look at 4 easy tips of caring for your virgin hair.

Shampooing and Conditioning Products

Understanding that using the wrong hair product can cause a lot damage that you can ever imagine there pay close attention to any product you use on your hair. It is advisable to use product that are alcohol- free and with no harmful components. Organic shampoo and conditioning are highly preferable. Take your time and massage the conditioner into your hair, remember not to use hot water to rinse the hair but lukewarm water instead . Again use products that are specifically made for you texture or type. I will recommend you wash your hair in a two- weeks intervals.

Drying the Hair

When you are done washing your hair, use a towel to dry the hair gently. However, you can use a leave in – conditioner while your hair is still in it damp state, it will add extra moisture to help keep the hair healthy. Don’t use leave- in conditioner for more than one month, to avoid build up. Never sleep with your hair is wet, to reduce the risk of a tangling hair. Before you go to bed, curl or plait your hair to help keep it tangle free.

Combing the Hair

Always comb your hair upwards from the bottom in small section, to achieve a tangle free hair. Use a brush and wide tooth comb, brush the hair from the roots to the tips and hold it in form of a ponytail to avoid tangling.

Styling & Maintaining Your Hair

You can style your hair in whatever style you prefer but refrain from using spray and gel because they will damage and create split ends in your hair. Nevertheless organic product are best for wavy and curly hair features. Avoid heating the hair in high temperature which can cause damage to your hair.

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