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Facebook Marketplace – Buy And Sell | Facebook Marketplace Near Me – How to Find the Marketplace Service | Facebook Market place

Although Facebook is known to many as a major social media platform, the introduction of the Marketplace buy and sell feature has further blown other sites out of the water. It goes without saying that Facebook would be the first and only social site to incorporate this into their app. In today’s guide, we will discuss the Facebook Marketplace feature and explain how it works

How the Facebook Marketplace works

Well, I can personally say the Facebook marketplace feature is a well organized feature because it makes buying and selling easy. With Facebook marketplace, Buyers can easily connect with sellers around them and do business. This is a great feature that has been the talk of the town ever since its incorporation.

For sellers, they simply need to give details on the item so prospective buyers can get a run-down of what you’re offering.

On the marketplace, once the buyer visits and shows interest on your item, you will be notified. From there on out, whether the buyer buys the item or not depends on your negotiation. All Facebook does is give you the privilege to put your items online and connect you with your prospective buyer.

How to Find the Marketplace Service

To find and use the Facebook Marketplace feature, follow these steps:

  •     With your Facebook details, sign in to your account using the Facebook app.
  •     Tap on the “Shop-looking” icon on your News feed.
  •     If you intend to sell an item, tap on the “Sell Something” button and then tap on “Item for Sale“.
  •     Enter the required details about the item and then simply place it under the appropriate category.
  • Now you have successfully placed your item online, you will be notified when anyone shows interest in what you are selling.

This is a feature that many people have talked about and it is something I will recommend you try out today. Kindly share this guide with your friends.

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