Good “ Paranoia” Questions

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Good PARANOIA Questions

Spending memorable time with friends and family can be nice and amazing if you are kitted with the right games and pastimes. Selecting the right pastimes can be like a taking a stroll on eggshells because of the diversity of people in your friend circle. And it can be difficult to come up with just the right game that fits everyone.

Paranoia bridges that gap providing excitement, laughter and good-fashioned humor in your friend circle.

The sole aim of paranoia is to give friends an opportunity for playful banter highlighting preferences, pet peeves and quirks all designed to bring up  joy and fun.

Good “PARANOIA” Questions
Good “PARANOIA” Questions

The Basics of the “PARANOIA” Game

Depending on where you want to host this game, make the environment comfortable and suitable.
Arrange the seats in a circle and allow it to be spacious enough for everyone to be comfortable.
Choose what you will toss, it can be a flip flop or a coin.
Then choose the person to start. The person to start is to whisper a question to the person on his/her right. No one else is to know the question.
The person who was asked the question will mention the answer aloud which is the name of the person that best fits the question.
After that, the coin will be tossed, depending on where it lands, heads or tails, the question will then be revealed.
The friend who just mentioned a name will then ask the next question.
Everyone has an option to opt out of answering any question. To make it more fun, it should be attributed with a light “consequence”.

Some Good Paranoia Questions

1. Who amongst us has done the most illegal things?

2. Who amongst us is the best cook?

3. Who amongst us is the worst cook?

4. The most likely to obsess over security details or peeking outside?

5.  The most paranoid person?

6.  Who eats the most junk food?

7.  Who amongst us behaves like they are a celebrity?

8.  Who sleep talks and has night terrors?

9.  The person with the most unique talent?

10. The one with dresses in the most unconventional outfits?

11. The one who pulls the most unusual pranks?

12. The wild one who takes part in the craziest dares?

13. The one with the weirdest pets?

14. The person with the cleanest Home?

15. Who complains and grumbles a lot?

16.The believer of the most amazing conspiracy theories?

17. The one person in the group who cares about others the most?

18. Who is most aware of others weaknesses and flaws?

19. Who is more likely to be afraid in a scary place?

20. The closest brush with the supernatural?

21. Who takes relationships more seriously?

22. The most peaceful and peace-loving in the group?

23. The strong believer in otherworldly creatures?

24.  Who does the craziest and at-the-spot things?

25.  Who gets into the strangest types of situations and troubles?

26.The person has done the most effective psychological analysis on themselves with great results?

27.Who would you turn to if you had a problem and needed a good save with no judgement?

28. The person who had the most sweet and almost perfect childhood?

29.  Who looks after after their parents the most?

30.  The one with the most admirable partner in the group?

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