Woman Demands Justice for Assault by An Army Officer

A lady has taken to the internet to report an assault on her by an army officer with an evidenced video.According to the lady, whose Twitter handle reads “Ada-Oma”, she had been on the queue to withdraw at one of the UBA branches in Oshodi, Lagos State.The soldier had requested to pass, she had asked if he was on the queue, the Army man had requested again to pass, she’d obliged him while still asking him if he was on the queue and he went ballistic on her.In her words which she’d posted on her Twitter handle “I was on the ATM queue and this @NigerianArmy official asked me to move so he can pass. I asked him if he was on the queue that there is a queue, I moved and continued asking him if he was on the queue, he flared up as you will see in the video below, and and before I know what happened, he brought out his belt and hit me “The incident had happened at one of the UBA banks in Oshodi. She also added that the security men had been there while the Army Official had hit her and threatened to draw blood.

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