“We Need Empathy, Not Quit Notice”, Lagos tells Residents

  1. The Igbos and non-yoruba residents in Lagos got a groundswell of support and promises of continuous harmonious co-habitation.

The messages were laden with tones of condemnation for war mongers, and those behind the “imminent tribal war” in the state. In the wake of last week’s mindless looting and destruction of properties in the state

The leader of the young Yoruba for Freedom, Adeyinka Grandson, who currently resides abroad, in a Vidal video grade all Igbo to leave Lagos in 48hours or face dire consequences.

“We are giving you (Igbo) 48 hours ultimatum from Friday to Sunday October 25th, to leave Yoruba land. From Monday, we will close all roads and stop all vehicles across Yoruba land, and all Igbo national would be dealt with accordingly” Grandson alleged in the video.the leaders of some Yoruba And Igbo Socio-cultural groups appealed to Ndigbos and their Yoruba brothers and sisters to live together in peace and harmony in order to ensure the good of the entire regions, and the Country, Nigeria

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who denounced the video urged Lagosians to disregard it. He described it as a tool or anarchist, aimed at creating hatred and divisiveness. He opined that the video is not what they need now, but peaceful coexistence among people.

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