Unsuspecting Woman who Visits Loo gets Bitten by Snake

  • A 7 feet long snake has beaten an unsuspecting woman who had sat on her water cistern to pee.

Boonsong Plaikaew who lives in Samut Prakan, Central Thailand had just about finished using the loo when she felt a painful tremor in her nether region on the October, 19th, 2020.

Blood oozed from her pants, she’d been trying to decipher what had caused the pain when the snake had yet again bitten her on her finger.

She pulled the 7ft-long snake off her finger and ran to call for help.

The python’s sting is not Poisonous.

Her husband had quickly dashed in to help, locking the bathroom door and calling the animal rescuers who arrived with the parademics.

The wife was given a first aid treatment, the wound was closely examined before she was rushed to the hospital.

The oblivious woman had explained that she had been doing her business in the toilet and was unaware the python was posing to strike.

The woman was allowed to go home after she was checked and ensured the snake was not venomous

She was however given antibiotics to safeguard against any infections from the snake’s teeth.

Meanwhile, the animal rescuers captured the slithering beast and tossed it in a sack and took it with them to be released in the wilds later.


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